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The lighting in this is perfect. It brings it to a whole different level :D

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I feel like I can feel the warmth from the sun

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Feels like something I never experience in the UK.

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Come on now, we have our wonderful grey clouds and some rain in case you'd ever get bored. With such fantastic weather I don't know why you'd ever want some foreign phenomenon like 'sunny weather'.

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hey you guys wont have to deal with the sun shining in your eyes

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Or in arkansas right now

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Hey we have at least a week of 20C+ weather, where the start of any and all small talk is "Blood hell, it's boiling out there!".

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Yup, reminds me/makes me miss summer.

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I love this and not just because it reminds me of calvin and hobbes

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It made me think of Spirited Away.

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I'm getting a jungle book vibe

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I thought of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

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I was thinking ed from cowboy bebop

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The dog and the outstretched arms, totally ed

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You're gonna carry that weight...

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I'm getting a Captain Claw vibe.

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Or Totoro, when the girls are exploring in the woods.

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The little prince!

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I had the same thought. Just shows how timeless the concept is.

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I thought of a happy version of INSIDE.

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This looks a lot like work by Aliya Chen that was popular just these past few days on this sub.

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Could be related. They both have ArtStation pages that say they are from Fair Oaks, California, USA.



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Definitely related, both from the same place, same art style, fans of How to Train Your Dragon, at the same college, same last name, I mean you tell me but I think that's solid evidence.

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Aliya's tumblr page links to Felicia's as her 'twin sister' so I'd say they're related, yeah.

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Fans of How to Train Your Dragon

C'mon, who isn't a fan of How to Train Your Dragon?

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To be fair, it is my personal favorite movie, but the majority of Artstation accounts won't have fan art of it, so it is a valid connection.

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Is this right before you fall and find the rusty mana sword?

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Bye, Felicia.

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I'm just glad that I am not the only one who saw the title as "On Your Own, Felicia"

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Edward and Ein... if Ein were a fox

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That was my first thought as well

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I haven't watched that shit in over a decade and that's what I thought too.

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Reminds me of bridge to terebythia

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Too soon ;-;

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I can't wait to play this!

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Love the cartoonish style. It looks like something out of a comic book, just way better.

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I’m trying to practice this type of art, but can’t find anything to help!

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Looks a lot like the recent Studio Ghibli anime - Ronja the Robber's Daughter.

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They made that an anime?! I loved that book as a kid!

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Free if you have Amazon Prime (USA at least). First episode or two is slow, but after that I thought it was fantastic.

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Wait, can you get other Ghibli films on Amazon Prime?

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Wow. I thought Ghibli never made any shows only movies.

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Reminds me of Bastion or Transistor

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Hmm, not feeling the Transistor on this

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Wow. That's not an easy thing to do.

You've packed a whole bunch of emotions in one image. How'd you do that?

You've painted animated water.
You've painted youth.
You've painted freedom.
You've painted hope.

You've captured sunlight.

This is so refreshingly mesmerizing.

Did you paint this for me?

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I dig this whole vibe

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Reminds me of William and Sly

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He's not alone. There is a fox.

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What an enchanting painting!

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You got tha Bear necessities It's mother nature's recipe...

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"On your own" - Bye Felicia

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You’re never alone if you have a friend to walk beside you :)

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This is why I love digital art 😍

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Makes me teary for some reason

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Calvin's mom is yelling from the back porch right about now

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So whimsical and beautiful. Like a day dream.

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As a father, this is surprisingly troubling.

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I get that, I've got kids myself. Kids need to have time to explore on their own so badly, though. Maybe not balancing on a log over a rushing torrent, but something outdoors where every activity isn't scheduled for them by hovering adults (not saying you hover, just saying lots of kids grow up being hovered over constantly). I loved Richard Louv's Last Child in the Woods. It's over ten years old already and probably more true today than when it was published.

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Reminds me of that series of cinematic Newgrounds flash animations with the half-goat-half-human thing encountering weird creatures in plains/forest settings.

Found it!

Closest episode to what I was thinking of

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Was going to comment on the lighting but I'm glad someone already noticed it too.

It's hard to capture the feeling of true natural light, and I think that goes for all mediums. In movies, video games, even photos still can't capture how we really see things with our own eyes.

It's always made me wish for some kind implant (black mirror style) that could take a picture of whatever it is you are seeing at the time. The ultimate digital photography.

Sorry for rambling there haha.. but very well done. This piece invokes my imagination.

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Love the mood of this so much

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Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. Beautiful work

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You're never alone when you have a dog.

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This feels so personal to me. It looks almost exactly what a shortcut on my walk to school when I lived in New Zealand looked like. It was more of a creek than a river but the lighting and feel was the same. Thank you so much for this!

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But are you really on your own? Whose point of view is this coming from?

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At first I loved it, you can feel the warmth of the sun and everything but then looking at it again I can see all the dangers that could go wrong.

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You should relax a little

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With your faithful doggo, you are never alone

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This made me think of the song, "Flying horses". By Dispatch.

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I love it. It's beautiful.

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This instantly reminded me of a place in Skyrim... Actually the last place I explored was identical to this picture.

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Permission to use this as my Twitter header?

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Incredible. It's soo soft and natural! Makes me feel all happy and free :D Absolute eye candy

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This is my cousin's name. Are you my cousin?

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Looks like a scene from a ghibli movie

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If you see a stranger, follow them!

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Tjis immediately became my home screen! Wonderful job! The lighting is on point and the stile reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes!

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What design software are people using to create stuff like this? :O

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Photoshop, but I’ve found Affinity Designer works just as well

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These are the kind of environments I'd love to see in MMOs. Maybe someday, love the artwork quite stunning!

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Make this into a video game. I don't care how, just do it.

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What is this style of artwork called? Reminds me of BOTW... kind of flat shapes, etc

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I have the same question and am commenting so that I can come back to it later

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i can’t get over how nostalgic this makes me. the color & lighting is so so warming, great work !!

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Man, I just WISH people chose 1440p or 4k as their base canvas size more regularly. Nothing worse than seeing an incredible piece of art like the OP and it doesn't fit your whole screen :(

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Reminds me of the design of the game Firewatch.

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Gives me a Stand by Me feeling, highly evoking; well done.

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This is beautiful, I love the way the light filters down through the trees.

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does anyone know where i can get the large digital version of this? Would love to place it on my 4 monitor setup, but i couldnt find a large resolution of this picture.

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That is damn beautiful. If I look long enough, I feel like I'm actually there.

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I would love to see a movie animated in this style, it's gorgeous!

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This looks like its straight up from a high budget, production film :)

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Reminds me of Wolf Children. Sensei and Ame...

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This needs to be a movie. I don't even care what about but I'll watch it.

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This makes me miss spending hours playing in the woods as a kid.

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Never seen a picture that made me so nostalgic.

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When making digital art like this, what kind of programs would be most used? Asking for a friend ;)

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Kinda wish this had a 21:9 version so I could use it as a desktop wallpaper.

Super cool nonetheless!

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I’d love to see her aesthetic in an open world video game - outstanding

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So gorgeus, those kind of places, especially the waterfall, reminds me my childhood. The detail of the wind on the hair and the clothes is peaceful.

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Reminds od this one animation about adam and this dog and then eve came along and adam forgot about the dog

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I thought this was Breath of the Wild art for a quick second

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The perspective of looking down on the scene is wonderful. I can hear the rush of the waterfall, and the sound of it. I can feel the cool misty breeze hitting my face, and that happy patter of the dog behind me.

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This makes me want to write

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Beautiful! I wish I could be there!

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Feels like Out of a ghibli movie... So warm.

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Absolutely love this, it reminds me of when I was young living in a very forested area on a small island. I used to explore all day by myself. Truly a wonderful image.

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"On Your Own"

Is he not familiar with that fox?

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I didn't know you had companions in Breath Of The Wild.


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Some on make this Calvin and Hobbes

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You probably wont see this but you've truly lifted this man's spirit today. Thank you

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Why is this same stuff showing up in my feed every day

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I just wish it's summer already!

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Felicia Chen - so hot right now.

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Reminds me of Edward and Ein from Cowboy Bebop, so free.

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Who is watching from the trees?

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My God, this is beautiful!

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This is lovely. Feels like a warm hug.