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In Norway we call this place Home of Trolls (Trollheimen), a big wild area. Here is a part of it in icy reflections [OC] [1800x1692]

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1.9k points·4 months ago

Who knew Jagex could create such a beautiful place.

I was looking for this comment

I was looking for my slayer task. Where am I?

Kill 10 u/slermss

You require a slayer level of 99 to kill slermss.

This guy slays

Jagex really did a great job with Trollheim afterall. This actually blows my mind, that place was made with browser graphics in... 2005?

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Fuck it, I'm gonna go pick flax.

Oh you must be looking for Nie.... :(

I came here looking for this comment and it was the top comment. A surprise to be sure but a welcome one...

A surprise to be sure but a welcome one...

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one

You're really making the case for no commas except for the last one. I always prefer the m-dash when I want to have a good dramatic pause.

Love an m-dash

I, came here, looking, for this, comment, and, it was, the top, comment. A, surprise, to be sure, but, a welcome, one...

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Not all heros wear capes.

But dragon slayers do

No you are thinking of Rune Platebodies. Its the Legends who get the capes.

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I was looking for the GWD...

Its just over this ditch, bring your bank and follow me

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I think we all were looking for this comment

Lmao they turned Trollheim into a real thing

2 fires 2 laws and you're good

Running to that herb patch!

It was absolutely expected though.

Who knew the northern wastes are so scenic.

I always spent a lot of time up in the Trollweisse mountains. I liked the emptiness

Trollweiss Mountain provided me with mint cake, gnome scarf, and goggles. Good times.

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You misspelled Slartibartfast

Actually this isn’t on the coast, though.

Came here to look for this comment.

decisive_emu_victory is a really hoopy frood.

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I’m an Ironman btw.

Damn 1 hour late.


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This was my first thought too.

Do have your games necklace handy?

4 points·4 months ago

Finish the damn quest. Two law runes, two fire runes.

Surprised it isn’t a little more pixelated

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They even made a documentary on it called Troll Hunter:

Original Poster175 points·4 months ago

Here's a image from the film:


Except that it's literally the cover art.

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Is it Peyton?

Edit: it wasn’t! Disappointed!

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Wow Norway must be a real shithole


Yeah, we need more people from places like Haiti.

As I understand it, the majority of Norwegians still believe in trolls. Is this true?

101 points·4 months ago

There are still trolls, buy no one believes in then anymore, which makes them sad.

Am I a troll?

No, but here in America we elected one president, it seems.

This is why he wants more immigrants from Norway.

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Everytime you say "I don't believe in trolls", there is a little troll somewhere that falls down dead.

Can confirm; lost much of my family that way.

Trolls are like santa claus. We make our kids believe in them, hunt for them in our mountains which are literally outside our backdoors. Adults dont believe in trolls, but in a fun santa clausy way say they do. (There are nice trolls, and bad trolls in our myths. Mostly they are funny and moronic in our folklore).

That is exactly what the government would want you to believe!

Yes, we even had a guy called Espen, challenging a troll to an eating contest once.

He was hiking alone in the wilderness, with the edge of a forest on one side and the modest incline of a mountain plateau on the other. As he was walking, all of a sudden a huge troll came bounding out of the forest swinging its fist right at Espen as if intending to clobber him, but in the next moment he found himself confined in its clutched fist, dazed and confused he heard the troll muttering to itself "time for a proper christian man stew, I'll save the ... for later".

Traveling deep into the forest they arrived at a clearing where the troll had its lair. As they came closer he caught a glimpse of a humongous pot, so large that if filled to the brim it would contain enough food to feed at least a hundred forest trolls. The troll hung him on a hook intended for cutlery right next to the fire. Espen could smell that the troll was making porridge, which gave him the idea of challenging the troll to an eating contest.

Trolls are very competitive, exceptionally sore losers and in fact, denser than the most dim-witted of humans.

Espen exclaimed "I challenge you to a duel", snarlingly it replied "speak quickly, I'm so hungry I'm not even going to bother cooking you". Calmly Espen replied "I don't mind being eaten, but as the competitive person I am, I couldn't let the chance of having an eating contest against the greatest foe of all pass me by. So I propose to you that if I win, you let me go. If you win, I'll provide you with information that will afford you an infallible plan to lure the whole village of Fittedal into your pot". The troll nodded in agreement.

As the troll lumbered over to the pot of porridge to fill their respective bowls. Espen who was still wearing his backpack, quickly took it off his back and hastily put it on again under his shirt in such a way that the opening was at his chest. As Espen's hand came out under the shirt, the troll turned around and handed him the bowl. They both started eating, every time the troll tilted its head down looking at the bowl as it ate, Espen shoveled porridge into the backpack under his shirt. The hungry troll got so preoccupied with his porridge that he didn't notice Espen's intent and unblinking stare. Finishing their bowls at the exact same time, the troll was visibly embittered and surprised. But without uttering a word it filled the bowls again. And so it went on for hour upon hour, until the troll, burping and grunting, bellowed "how the hell is a little human like you able to eat as fast as me, and as much as me, without even breaking a sweat? I feel as if I'm about to burst". Espen without answering, just gave it a sleazy smile and continued eating.

The trolls stomach was now bulging, actually looking like it was about to burst. But the troll had no intentions of letting a human humiliate it, so it begrudgingly continued eating, although it felt the skin on its stomach stretching and cracking. At the moment Espen saw the skin on its stomach cracking and trickling blood he yelled "se jeg fant en blei!" as he leaped forward, grabbed a hatchet from the ground where he had emptied the contents of his backpack, and swung the hatched as mightily as he could, hitting the trolls stomach, which burst and all its contents erupted in an incredible display of guts and partially digested porridge.

True story.

Original Poster7 points·4 months ago

Haha great write up, did you just translate it on the go?

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Great write-up of a classic Norwegian folk-tale!

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No, basically no one believes in trolls here. But its one of our main tourist attractions.

Excuse you, I believe in trolls.

Source: am Norwegian

I can't tell if this was a joke, but I'm curious about trolls. If someone says they believe in trolls what does that typically mean? Like for you personally, what is it you believe exists?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, "Trolls".

It means the same thing as if someone told you they believed in angels.

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Well, personally I don't actually believe in trolls, however I have family members who swear they've seen a 'Hulder' which is basically a cow succubus. An attractive female that seduces men into their mountain homes. The only thing that differentiates them from normal women in apperance is the cow tail.

I also know people who geniuinely believe in trolls. I'd say it is most likely someone who witnesses something as either a result of hallucination or something similar, which makes them believe in it.

I'm more of an agnostic myself, I have no conclusive evidence either way, and considering that we're still discovering species it could just as well be something natural.

Original Poster4 points·4 months ago

Great explanation. When you are outside and twilight sets in, and shadows get their own shadows, suddenly everything can feel real. I consider myself a very rational being, but I must admit I did feel lost in my head when seeing one of the northern light explosions across the whole sky. The nature is overwhelming.

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There are Norwegians who believe in Trolls, Hulder, Nøkken and many more local folk legends. There is the little Låvenisse, basically a miniature santa, and on Christmas Day you put a bowl of porridge and a glass of milk in the barn to feed him. Some do it because of traditions, others because they believe in it.

There are some areas in the less populated parts of Norway that have their porridge regularily eaten, and have pranks played on them if they don't put it out.

I assume the people who believe in the folk tales are in a minority, as there isn't any real evidence of their existence. But then again, there is no evidence against it either. 🤔

I'm going to guess it's like Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. A lot of people claim to believe in Bigfoot, even though it's probably 95% sarcastic. It's such a meme, that even though you know better, you believe.

I always really enjoyed Michael Crichton's theory on trolls (which he used to retell the Viking saga Beowulf mixed with Arabic historical texts in Eaters of the Dead, later filmed as The 13th Warrior), whereby the myths of trolls are actually recounting of meetings with a tribe of Neanderthals that survived in Scandinavia well into the Viking age.

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“Why problem make, when you no problem have, you don't want to make.”

-Polish guy from Troll Hunter

A quote to truly live by

Russian, or some other kind of slav pretending to be Polish, more likely. I don't know why they never get Polish people to play themselves in movies... It's not like they are hard to find.

Same thing when Magneto is working in the Polish mine/foundry or whatever in that X-Men movie. Not a single Pole to be found. (Their accents were massively screwed up).

It's Robert Stoltenberg, who specializes in portraying different kinds of characters. It's not intended to be accurate, just comedic and stereotypical.

It's the same with Norwegian roles in Hollywood movies - there's about a 80% chance that they either thought that Scandinavians are all totally interchangeable or let some American butcher our language in new and exciting ways.

It's so it's so weird. They obsess over little details that no one in their right mind will notice, but then screw up up things that native speakers of a foreign language will notice immediately.

It's a Norwegian comedian that plays the polish guy

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That movie was really cool. My favorite part was when they were trying to bait that really large troll because the scenery. I assume it was filmed in a place like this.

ive watched this so many times. very educational.

But for real, this movie thought me a lot about Norwegian culture, folklore and memes.


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From all these comments, I don't know to believe if the movie is real or sarcastic

its just a faux documentary style film. its very well done IMO.

It is real and it is amazing. (If you like the shaky cam thing).

Great movie. I didn't expect much going it but it was equally hilarious and very well made. Funnily enough, I was watching Thor a minute ago on TV. And mentioned this movie to a guest. They knew and seen the movie. Instantly loved that dude

Great fuckin' movie! As someone with an undergraduate degree in anthropology it really got me to wondering about how common themes in folklore arise, especially with regard to places like Scandinavia and the British Isles where ancient traditions seem to at least hint at the possibility of a connection between anatomically modern homo sapiens (AMHS) ice-age populations coming into contact and conflict with existing Neanderthal communities.

We know that such contact and conflict occurred since not only were Neanderthalensis and Sapiens coexistent over time and geography, but they are now known --through DNA analysis-- to have bred with one another. What we don't know is how the memory of it would have been passed down through the ages, if it was passed on at all.

Personally, I think it would be weird if the contact, not to say collision, between AMHS and Neanderthalensis (and Denisovans and whoever else we may yet discover) populations were not somehow preserved in our cultural memory, and where else, if not the distant ends of Northwestern Europe, would we expect to find the strongest indications of the case?

After all, everything we know tends to indicate that Neanderthalensis would have, upon being pushed out by AMHS populations, taken refuge in the most distant and geographically obscure locations possible, obviously with the fact of rising sea-levels playing a role.

That said, the above is meant as pure conjecture and no more. Don't even attempt to hold me to academic rigor; it was never my intent to make a claim that would hold up to the scrutiny of legitimate scholarship.

27 points·4 months ago

They even made a porno on it called Troll Hymen

I'm not sure if this is true, but I'm also not sure whether I want to Google it to see if it is

The continual reddit struggle.

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I assumed that was how it's pronounced so that makes sense.

I came in here looking for this.

The most hilarious scene ever is the bridge scene where he is wearing armour, and being thrashed about by a huge troll.

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Came here to see if anyone had mentioned this.

I loved this movie. So good.

I came to post this! One of my all time favorites!


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I came in here to point out that I didn't see any electrical poles. How do they keep the Trolls penned in? Are there any surrounding communities that puts at risk?

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Original Poster386 points·4 months ago

This photo is taken in Trollheimen. I know it sounds like Troll hymen, but bear with me. It translates into Troll Home or Home of Trolls and rightfully so - it is a big national park, in the middle of Norway and has a lot of mountains rising tall, valleys, waterfalls, and lakes. Unlike places such as Lofoten which are more known and popular, Trollheimen is harder to reach and stay in as it is a broader and wilder area. In this location I stayed in a nearby cabin with some friends. We went skiing as it is the only way you can reach this location during winter from a parking space around 12 kms away, approximately.

Anyway, I took the photo during an unexpected sunset, when the whole evening was grey and dull, but during the last moments before the sun set there was an opening in the sky, and everything suddenly just bloomed. Couldn't believe my eyes and through sheer enthusiasm I was sliding across this ice (had to throw off my skis, they obviously don't handle ice well) looking for a fitting foreground. Luckily I made it in time, as the sunset vanished after ten minutes or so.

Technical info: 28mm, ƒ/16, 1s, ISO 125. Canon 5D Mark II, on a tripod. I think that is about it, but just ask if you have any questions or are wondering about the area! And lastly, if anyone's interested in more of the same kind of photography, feel free to check out my instagram.

Something doesn’t add up. You’re saying there was a whole evening preceding sunset? As someone who’s currently at a similar latitude, I’m having a little trouble wrapping my mind around this.

j/k, beautiful picture!

Original Poster77 points·4 months ago

Haha you are refering to the endless feeling of twilight, right? Thinking of this light, it sort of feels like a late evening already at 10AM when the sun is rising. I don't mind it though, endless golden hour ftw!

Thanks mate!

Also that the sun sets before 16:00!

Original Poster20 points·4 months ago

I do notice that light stays a while long each day though!

Flat-earthers must hate you guys!

You won't believe what Flat-earthers are saying about Norwegians!

Don't mock the Flat Earth Society, they have members all around the globe!

Even the edges? They should watch out for cats - they don't wanna get pushed off!

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We’re gaining about half an hour of sunlight every week here!

3 points·4 months ago

Beautiful pic man, my new wallpaper, thanks.

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Up vote for not putting your experience in the title and focusing on the landscape

how do you think the 5DMkII holds up today? I recently shot with a mkIII and that really opened my eyes to the full frame world and it really made me want to upgrade from my 60D. I obviously do not wanna pay the pricetag that comes with the mkIII but there are a lot of used mkII's online that are definitely in my price range.

So, do you think its worth the upgrade at this point or should i try to save up more and get the mkIII? Absolutely incredible shot heavily reminded me of two different scenes from Game of Thrones as well as "The Wall" aspect

I'm not OP but I've owned both a II and a III. Honestly it depends on your use, the III shoots faster, the autofocus is better and faster and it has better low light capability. For moving people or animals, the III is a world of difference. You'll miss shots with the II. It's still a good camera but you'll be annoyed.

For landscape and portraits, just go ahead and buy the II, it's a great camera and you'll get it at a fantastic price. I'm looking to sell my old one and I'm a bit annoyed to sell such a good camera for such a low price, to the point where I'm considering if it's better to keep it as a backup haha

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aka Redditorheimen. Who knew redditors had a real place to hang out at. The color of the sunset is beautifully captured. Just curious, was there any post-processing? Loved your other pictures in your insta too.

Original Poster3 points·4 months ago

thanks mate! Yes, I did a bunch of processing on this, as I only shoot in RAW, so I have to develop the files. It is a cropped version of a much bigger picture, I did some work to darken the sky so it would show the same light as the land and I also did a lot of work to bring forth the reflections in the ice with various tools. In RAW the reflections had lost their color and looked very blank. I tried to recreate the feeling of the scene and light as it was - and it still doesn't do it justice - it was somehow darker but even more glowing in purple colors.

Is this near/related to Trollhattan? I'm ignorant of much about Scandanavia

Original Poster8 points·4 months ago

I had to look that one up, haven't heard of it before. Looks like it is not related at all, as it's located somewhere far away in Sweden

Actually, there is a peak in Trollheimen named Trollhetta. My family has a cabin in the area. Nothing to do with Trollhättan but.

Which lake is this, RMNZ?

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Coming from the US Midwest, thinking of Norway and Sweden as far away from each other is funny. I have to drive 4-5 hours and 200+ miles to get to the closest metropolis to my city.

Norway is very long, a few thousand kilometers, you can be far away from Sweden while being in Norway :)

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This just shows that you don't grasp scandinavian geography. 4-5 hours isn't that much.

Original Poster13 points·4 months ago

Yeah that messed with my head a bit when I look at the map. Although the countries are right next to each other and it would take me more or less same amount of time to drive to Sweden border as it would to drive to Trollheimen. The most surprising part is when I found out how long the countries are, especially how far the northern norway part stretches! And still, US is so much bigger haha!

Ya, I can only imagine how remote and desolate the northern reaches of Norway are! Probably similar to northern Alaska. Your country is beautiful and I hope to visit someday. Is there a region that is a good spot for destination kayak touring?

I would think that Helgelandskysten in Nordland would be great for Kayak touring. Contact the Norwegian tourist association (, they can offer advice.

Yeah.. The Coastline is riddled with fjords and islands rich in fishing history and good views. Do some good research and you can prob rent housing all the way down. Depending on month ofc. People do like their old houses in the summer.

There are towns and fishing villages everywhere in northern Norway, it doesn't feel desolate at all, untill you're getting into Finnmark.

Hey now, the towns are only like 2 hours apart so its not that desolate!

It's not Northern Alaska levels but it's pretty rural

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A flight from Kirkenes to Oslo is almost 2 and a half hours. Also, if you travelled directly in the opposite direction from Bergen -> Kirkenes, you'd end up in southwestern France.

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“Hat of Trolls”

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Trollhunter was a nice movie

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Ahhhh my homeland... Goodness I do Love Norway. Something about it has such a mystical feel. There are endless places there that evoke such a deep, primal feeling; I just can't put my finger on what it is exactly. On my last visit, I got to spend two months with my family. Most of the time was in Bergen, but the first 4 nights we went and stayed with some friends in Tromsø. It was in the beginning of January (the day we flew in was the first day that the sun peeked over the mountains), and the term that kept coming to mind was "Winter Wonderland". On the second night, we witnessed the Aurora Borealis; words will never come close to explaining the experience. Watching the purple, white, and green dancing across the sky was the most spiritual event of my life. Its funny, because locals can be very "meh" about it, but I tell anyone who will listen: if there is one thing I would recommend someone to do in their life, if they are able to, is to go see the northern lights. This is such an amazing picture!!!

It's the interplay between desolation and dramatic color. It is a profoundly dangerous place, but also very beautiful ...despite or, or because of its danger...I don't know which myself. It riles up the animal instincts we westerners have bottled up over countless centuries of civilization beating the high holy fuck out of the surrounding natural world.

Original Poster3 points·4 months ago

And even in places which do have civilization close by, that feeling of raw primal nature doesn't go away. It's like it is nature's rules no matter what you do.

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Fucking Nords ripping off Runescape

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I've seen the Troll Hunter documentary about this place.


Discovered by the great Viking explorer skankhunt42

Thank you for mentioning this...was scrolling through just to find someone say it.

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Wow they turned Trollheim into a real thing

So this is what not a shithole country looks like /s

Came to the comments for a shithole reference: was not disappointed

Me too lol

Yes. But don't tell anyone.

Everyone thinks Trump wants more ‘white people’ from Norway. But with this Trollheimen revelation, I guess it turns out he just wants more Trolls to immigrate! /s

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Id bust that Troll Hymen

I was just looking for someone to say Troll Hymen

That's why I'm in the comments at all


Thanks my day is complete.

As funny as this is, if anyone is wondering about the pronounciation, just look to the Thor movie. Idris Elba plays "Heimdal" (The all seeing gatekeeper, and it is pronounced excatly the same. "Heim" is usually an old Norwegian word for home (some dialects still use it). So like OP's title, "Trollheimen" means "Home of Trolls".

Judging by the color of the sky, I’d say somebody beat you to it.


This is why I came...I mean what I came here for.

Giggity giggity

I trekked through Trollheimen alone a few years back and took some pictures with my shitty phone camera. It's a wonderful area and you can trek between three outposts there where you can stay and eat and have a shower if you want. Takes about a day to walk between each of them. Absolutely wonderful trip that I plan doing again sometime.

Images here, including one of the same mountain tip as OP, just in the summer:

Original Poster2 points·4 months ago

awesome shots, you really can feel the place when you look at them. I have never been there during summer time, so it is really cool to see what the snow hides beneath. Thanks for posting these!

157 points·4 months ago(18 children)

You're thinking of Normay

Wrong country

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You're about 25°S off.

I hear a big "whoosh coming from some of these comments (Trump did, I fact, mention Norway in the same sentence...)

Specifically as a contrast to the shithole countries, because you know, we're white people.

Comment deleted4 months ago(0 children)

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You do share a broken 'filter' and I'm not white...

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Serious thought... I wonder if this was inspiration for the home of the trolls in Frozen. The characters and rides are now part of Norway at Epcot.

Haha, Epcot is such a bastardisation of everything Norwegian though, dont try to get your Norwegian cultural exchange from there :P (several of my friends here in Norway have worked there on the Norwegian section of it)

No frozen is based on the west coast.

What, the west coast of Norway?

Yes vestlandet

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Used to be the Maelstrom until they had to make Norse paganism in more comprehensible terms...

I wish they still had Maelstrom. I only ever did it once and all I can remember is the mural at the end with a Viking on a bicycle.

Arendelle is a coastal town southwest of Oslo.

And Hans is from Denmark (Southern Isles).


This doesn't look like 4chan...

For anyone that is debating about visiting, do it. Country is stunning. Expensive. But stunning.

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In USA we would call that Arizona except our deserts have sand instead of snow.

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Otherwise known as reddit

Breathtaking photo and what a cool happening. Glad you were able to catch the shot

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One must listen to Edvard Grieg while enjoying this photo.

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Awaken, awaken, Mustakrakish, the Lake Troll!

Awaken, awaken, take the land that must be taken...

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Acording to Trump you can park a lot of F-52s there.

Is that where Trollhunter was shot?

1 more reply

Idea for last song ever. "Killed by a troll" "It's that guyyyy"

Hey op, I’m at a turning point in my life and am considering moving to Norway. Could I PM you for information about Norway?

Go take a look at r/Norway they should be able to help you

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Are you high enough level to go there OP? The PvE is brutal.

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Beautiful. I intend to camp and ride Icelandic ponies in Jotenheim next year. Maybe I can make time to check this out.

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I thought there was no such thing as trolls?!

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Must be where these dudes hang out.

You never disappoint.

I heard they had a problem with bear poaching there.

Home of the trolls...lookin at you, reddit

I feel sad that the trolls obviously have no bridge to live under.

This is what I imagined when I read my favorite book, East. Gorgeous, but terrifying!

Original Poster2 points·4 months ago

Just read through the introduction on goodreads, sounds pretty awesome.

Oh wow, Norway! Land of gnomes... and trolls!!

In America they call the Home of Trolls The Whitehouse!

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