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Posted bySouth Holland (Netherlands)4 months ago

The Hague, seat of government of the Netherlands

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Sweden164 points·4 months ago

Fun fact: The Binnenhof is the oldest House of Parliament in the world still in use.
To the left of it you can see Mauritshuis, an art gallery that houses, among other famous works, Vermeers Girl with a pearl earring.

530 points·4 months ago

Kind of weird to have a seat of government in the middle of a fountain, but whatever floats your boat

983 points·4 months agoGilded1

It's done like that so that politicians who are set on fire can extinguish themselves quickly.

301 points·4 months ago

It's also a no-go zone, because you have to swim.

Fuck that. Flevoland use to be a no-go zone aswell. We taught that one a lesson!

A part of Flevoland still has no-go zones. They are called Lelystad and Almere.

European Union41 points·4 months ago

Those are no-want-to-live-there zones. Close, but not exactly the same.

And Urk.

Republiek der 17 verenigde Nederlanden38 points·4 months ago

It's been getting better since they're accessible by roads and have access to women who're not their sister, niece or cousin.

For those who don't get the joke, those places are safe enough, they're just more like "why would you even bother to go there"-zones.

I knew it! I knew they existed!

Romania27 points·4 months ago

Very clever!

You win

Ohh this was so smart i had to log into reddit at work to upvote it! Well done sir!

m e t a

Venezuela36 points·4 months ago

That was specifically done many moons ago as a means of defense against invading armies.

Norway53 points·4 months ago

Also kind of weird to have your constitution declare that your capital is one city when every single function one associates with a capital is in a different city... but what the heck, we all kind of like the funny little flatlanders anyway.

The European flag is phallic as seen from above.61 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

The constitution does not declare Amsterdam as capital—it only observers it. There is no real article on it and only since 1983 does the constitution subtly reference Amsterdam as the capital in the article on how the King shall be coronated in Amsterdam the capital.

The government at no point actually declared that Amsterdam was the capital but just observed it—the people called it the capital for a long time with no official sanction of the government simply because it was the biggest city. Amsterdam—fun fact—is not the capital of its province which has always declared its own official capital in Haarlem.

The Hague was the seat of the government from before Amsterdam became bigger and more commercially important. The reason it became the unofficial de facto capital is because the Dutch government up till 1983 has refused to officially acknowledge any city as the capital.

Also, Finland has military slavery.

The Netherlands11 points·4 months ago

Pretty sure there was never a time in which Amsterdam was smaller or less important than The Hague though.

The European flag is phallic as seen from above.5 points·4 months ago

So like I decided at one point 5 hours back to ask the first Dutch person encountered anywhere if s/he's heard about or watched "hehobros"—have you?

The Netherlands4 points·4 months ago

Sorry, can’t say that I have.

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I'm not sure what the difference is, if any, between the constitution referencing Amsterdam as the capital and declaring it to be the capital. Both seem to have the same effect - which is that, as a matter of constitutional law, Amsterdam is officially recognised as the capital.

The European flag is phallic as seen from above.4 points·4 months ago

It's like the difference between a descriptive and prescriptive dictionary.

The constitution merely observes in this case that most citizens recognized the capital as Amsterdam.

Basically one assumes that if say Utrecht became bigger and in 200 years most citizens would start to refer to Utrecht as the capital the constitution would follow suit and remove that part.

It's also mentioned in passing in a section that has nothing to do with capitals; it's in a section that describes the coronation procedure that in passing mentions that the coronation shall happen "In Amsterdam, as the capital"

One might in fact construe that passage as not declaring Amsterdam as the capital at all but declaring that the coronation will happen in the capital which happens to be Amsterdam right now and that if Utrecht were to organically become the capital over just being bigger that the coronation would be moved to Utrecht.

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Groningen (Netherlands)37 points·4 months ago

we all kind of like the funny little flatlanders anyway.

little flatlanders (Look for the greened ones, they are representative values, and tell me who are the tallest)

Norway is a close second though, funny little mountainlanders!

Republiek der 17 verenigde Nederlanden7 points·4 months ago

180,8 seems rather low, I always thought 186 was average male height.

Of course there's an age difference, and I come from Friesland who're on their turn the tallest of the Dutch.

I'm 1,85m myself and would say that's either average or slightly below. I had a guy at school who was 2,13m, now that was an unnatural sight. Keeping in mind the doctors even gave him medicines to stop the growth, he might have actually grown even taller without intervention (though also have died younger).

But it seems the tallest Dutch male at the moment is 2,23m, the tallest female 2,03m.

Groningen (Netherlands)9 points·4 months ago

It’s rather short, but it’s a national average. They’re shorter on average in cities and in the south, so that weighs in as well.

I’m 1.93m myself and I see myself as being average/slightly above average. But there are plenty of people around that are taller than me. A friend of mine reaches above 2m as well, I think.

Republiek der 17 verenigde Nederlanden8 points·4 months ago

Yes it's mostly down to Friesland and Groningen that we're on average the tallest.

In Limburg for example, males are on average 2cm's shorter, and females 2,3cm's. I wager anything in between will go up (or down depending on your perspective) until you reach Friesland and rebellious Friesland.

With the big cities (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague) being the smallest people I guess due to a lot of immigrants.

The Netherlands3 points·4 months ago

It even reverberates back into their stunted dialect down in Limburg!

Republiek der 17 verenigde Nederlanden6 points·4 months ago

They don't have sufficient lung capacity to pronounce the G the proper way.

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Utrecht (Netherlands)5 points·4 months ago

Gotta know where you came from

You are aware that Netherlands is full of canals? The center of The Hague is absolutely beautiful.

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Austria2 points·4 months ago

So that's what he meant with "no-go zone"

Never tried it but a fountain would probably float a boat quite well

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I think its cool to see the mix of old and new architecture Europe has to offer, this demonstrates it perfectly.

European Union62 points·4 months ago

Well, part of the reason for this mixture is that the Wehrmacht decided to launch V-2s from The Hague's central park, the "Haagse Bos", leading to some drastic "urban renewal" by the Royal Air Force's Bomber Command in 1944.

It looks an awful lot better than Coventry's urban renewal. The Luftwaffe may have done some light remodeling, but the city planners saw fit to finish the job.

(Please don't kill me, I love the ring road)

The Netherlands4 points·4 months ago

He's saying the luftwaffe wasn't doing the remoddeling. "Only" decided it was a good place to launch the V2. It's the British that bombed the shit out of it.

Germany5 points·4 months ago

Let's all just agree that bombing cities is shit.

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Germany2 points·4 months ago

Same the other way around. You want to see a sad sample of rebuilding? Pforzheim in South Germany, once known as the gold city.

The Netherlands31 points·4 months ago

You're gonna love Tilburg...

Spain24 points·4 months ago

As a metal-headbanger, the O13 arena in Tilburg is the most amazing building I've ever been. It's insane the amount and quality of rock bands for a ridiculous ticket price.

Not only rock! I saw Chance the Rapper last year for 20 bucks in 013!

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The Netherlands, EU11 points·4 months ago

I live there but Tilburg has very little character imo. Might have something to do with being born and raised in Breda, though.

(For those who don't know, Breda and Tilburg's football clubs have a long history of rivalry.)

As an rkc supporter(we still exist!), i completely understand you, We simply lack the history for it to count in other peoples eyes. Tho no provincial rivalry beats fc den bosch vs fc oss. That shit is just beyond comprehension.

Gl in the next half of competition, Hope you guys manage to stay up.

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You gonna love Rotterdam even more!

Overijssel (Netherlands)64 points·4 months ago

This might be the first time anyone has ever used that sentence

Dat zal best 😂 maar je snapt wat ik bedoel👍🏻

Overijssel (Netherlands)7 points·4 months ago

Ja toch, niet dan?

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A massive role is played by the fact, that this new architecture is far in the background, that is - it's in the only perspective where it looks good.

Austria101 points·4 months ago

I actually never got why people always say that Den Haag looks ugly. The modern buildings and the skyscrapers look awesome in my taste. I must admit that I've never been there but on photos an on Street View it looks really cool.

South Holland (Netherlands)84 points·4 months ago

It also looks good in person.

Austria20 points·4 months ago

Then why the hate on the city from some/many people? Are European towns not allowed to have modern architecture?

Ireland30 points·4 months ago

I've been there only once, and liked it. The city centre is really nice and you can just go in to parliament and take a look if you fancy, super cool. But my mum has been there a few times for work and says that it's just a pretty boring city with not much going on, so maybe it comes from there. It's probably also got something to do with being surrounded by great cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Leiden. Hell, even Rotterdam is meant to be fun. So it's probably more a case that it suffers in comparison rather than being an actually shitty city.

13 points·4 months ago

As a dutch person, Den haag is one of my favorite cities, Utrecht is a close second with Groningen, but Amsterdam is such a fucking horrible city, I detest it. (Mostly just for tourists, not actually very interesting)

Amsterdam21 points·4 months ago

What makes Amsterdam so horrible?

I'm from the East Side and it's great! A bit chaotic but I love it. I seriously don't get why people hate it. To me it seems like some anti-Amsterdam bandwagon everybody is getting on..

The Netherlands9 points·4 months ago

Seems to be mostly a bandwagon made out of bitterness. Amsterdam is an interesting and cool looking city, and so are many other Dutch cities, but the former gets most of the attention in world (social) media which makes some Dutch people seriously butthurt. It's not exactly out of the ordinary, capital city hate bandwagoning is common in many countries, doesn't make it any less stupid and pitiful though.

I'm also interested what you mean when you say it's a horrible city, u/Pownur. And what do you mean with "mostly just for tourists"? Because there are 850k people living there too, you know, and when you ask them they like it there, despite it being "horrible".

I would say that's it's overrated. Most of Amsterdam is just like any other big city in the Netherlands, but people talk about it being the best city in the world even though the city centre is a tourist trap and really shitty to be fair.

If you talk to people from Amsterdam they always say that, just like other cities, you have to know where it's actually cool( like oud-zuid and we pijp), but then I don't get why Amsterdam is such a great and awesome city, even though it's not that different.

That kind of arrogance is way most Dutch people detest Amsterdam. It's not that special and the city centre sucks.

The Netherlands4 points·4 months ago

In my experience it's mostly because so many people from Amsterdam act like it's the center of the universe and that nothing else in the Netherlands is relevant. That arrogance, while the city itself is becoming unliveable, is why many people dislike Amsterdam and it's people.

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6 points·4 months ago

I lived there. The canals were all filled up and asphalted over. In the winter, this looks ugly. I like canals. This is just photography of the best bit of the city. The metropolitan area is huge.

The Netherlands6 points·4 months ago

Most of the hate (although that is a big word) I think is not about the buildings. It's more that people say The Hague is boring.

I find it quite nice. Boring and quiet, yes - but in a pleasant and civilised way.

United Kingdom14 points·4 months ago

A lot of Europeans seem to really dislike modern architecture and skyscrapers.

As someone who has been to London many a time, I totally disagree. Massive mix of ultra-modern skyscrapers and other buildings next to 200 year old 4-5 story beauties. Works excellently so long as some care and attention is used.

It works in London, but the modern architecture we get in Germany is mostly awful. Just the same grey, heartless concrete blocks.

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I personally love the mix of old and new that London has and I'm a big fan of Rotterdam, which is very modern (although I was only there for about half a day)

Apart from a few.places, I personally find the Hague very ugly. When I compare it to other Dutch cities it just isn't as pretty.

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Modern buildings are everywhere and all the same. Den Haag buildings are almost exclusive to Europe.

The European flag is phallic as seen from above.3 points·4 months ago

What's up with people using the autotoponym of The Hague in particular so often?

Like this in particular seems to be the one place I often encounter people use the autotoponym for rather than the English one.

Austria2 points·4 months ago

I wrote it like this for two reasons:

  1. The city is called like this in the Netherlands, so I use it too (same with Nice and Nizza)

  2. It's how it is called in German too

The European flag is phallic as seen from above.6 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

So how do you use it in the nominative case in German?

Also on German Wikipedia:

Den Haag ist offiziell keine Stadt, da es im Mittelalter nie Stadtstatus erhalten hat, und im 19. Jahrhundert wurde die Unterscheidung in Dorf oder Stadt verwaltungstechnisch gegenstandslos.

This is actually a popular myth commonly repeated—The Hague is absolutely a stad and has received stad rights. It got the rights at an exceptionally late time when they were rarely given any more and had no real official rights associated with them any more and it was more of a ceremonial thing given under French rule but The Hague absolutely got stad rights in 1806.

The Netherlands2 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

AFAIK "stad" is currently not a legal definition anymore anyway. So "oficially" nothing is a "stad" in The Netherlands.

The European flag is phallic as seen from above.3 points·4 months ago

In de Nederlandse wetgeving komt de term 'stad' niet voor; de Nederlandse wet kent sinds 1848 slechts de begrippen gemeente en bebouwde kom. Vóór de negentiende eeuw was een stad een plaats die stadsrechten had gekregen. In de Bataafse Republiek werd het onderscheid opgeheven en werd de municipaliteit ingesteld. Koning Lodewijk Napoleon herstelde de stadstitel, zonder daaraan speciale rechten te verbinden. Den Haag, dat nooit stadsrechten had gekregen, werd zo in naam alsnog een stad. Koning Willem I nam dit over in het Koninklijk Besluit van 30 mei 1825, dat in België na de afscheiding van kracht bleef. Vooral na 1977 werd daar een aantal gegroeide plaatsen tot stad verheven.

Hmm, you seem to be right.

So, what now? Are you going to punish me because I was wrong?

The Netherlands2 points·4 months ago

I was not disagreeing, I was adding information.

The European flag is phallic as seen from above.3 points·4 months ago

You prove me wrong yet again.

And yet you don't want to punish me.

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Comment deleted4 months ago(1 child)

Exactly. Buildings like that should be built in business areas only, not in residential areas.

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Amsterdam67 points·4 months ago

Fun fact: one of the buildings in the picture is popularly known as "the tits of The Hague".

Another fun fact: one of the other buildings in the picture is popularly known as "the dildo of The Hague". Can you guess which it is?

Amsterdam10 points·4 months ago

Never heard that one. I think I know which building you're referring to and, if so, it might as well be the butt plug of The Hague.

The more common name is the "juicer" (citruspers). Maybe you heard of that one :)

British Expat5 points·4 months ago

A larger cousin to the much more well-known Butt Plug of Rotterdam.

Another fun fact: one of those buildings has a top which should resemble a fountain pen. It's the building of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Would you accept “Hague tits?”

It just sounds fun to say. “Look! Hague tits!”

Haagsche tietuuuuuuh!

I had trouble understanding this is a real city because of the ”The”.

26 points·4 months ago·edited 3 months ago

It is There is a real country called The Netherlands.

Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

Amsterdam10 points·4 months ago

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a state (sovereign entity in international law), which contains four autonomous countries (The Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten). The country of the Netherlands consists of the European territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as well as the islands Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.

12 points·4 months ago

Lower case t, though.

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The Netherlands57 points·4 months ago

Lol, the article comes from the Dutch name for The Hague (Den Haag) which also happens to have another name, that would be 's-Gravenhage, or the counts hedge.

The more you know

Netherlands56 points·4 months ago

Den Haag ('the hedge') is older than 's-Gravenhage (des graven hage; 'hedge of the count') though, eventhough the latter sounds fancier.

The name is easily explained by the fact that the Count of Holland built a castle here. It was 'in the middle of nowhere'; at least not in a city, which came with its politics and defense issues. It had a garden and a moat around it. Later it expanded with buildings and developed to what we still call the Binnenhof (inner court), the current collection of government buildings.

The city grew around the Binnenhof. That also explains why the city is so different from other Dutch cities. They didn't have a city wall, as it grew from a settlement next to the castle into a large village. Later the town grew and merged with other villages. That's why it still feels like a collection of villages instead of a city that grew from a city centre.

P.S. I hereby declare all languages ommiting the article to be stupid.

Under water4 points·4 months ago

Meh, if you don't count the truly different communes (like Rijswijk) or the modern suburban districts (like Ypenburg) then all of The Hague does feel pretty equal.

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The Netherlands25 points·4 months ago

Los Angeles? Las Vegas? The Vatican?

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Oh, I see someone photoshopped all the fires out.

Overijssel (Netherlands)20 points·4 months ago

Surprised they managed to smuggle a camera into a NO-GO zone

The Netherlands7 points·4 months ago

Yea but they burned the politician holding it shortly after

Basque Country80 points·4 months ago

I was in Amsterdam this Summer and we had a day "free" that my dad had planned to see any other city in the Nederlands, I told my dad I wanted to visit The Hague but he thought otherwise and we ended up visiting Delft.

Thanks for showing me what we lost, I wished we had another day free (I loved Delft) but now I want to go back.

South Holland (Netherlands)Original Poster158 points·4 months ago

I'd pick Delft over The Hague for a first time visitor if that comforts you.

Basque Country32 points·4 months ago

It does, thank you.

I agree - good choice!

European Union13 points·4 months ago

I'd choose Leiden over either (closer to Amsterdam, and more and prettier college girls...)

Yes that second argument is really strong if you’re visiting a city with your dad.

Mom doesn't have to know.

Italy9 points·4 months ago

Your dad enjoys looking at young girls, believe me.

Under water10 points·4 months ago

I'm from Delft with friends studying in Leiden and Utrecht. It's a running joke how it's a legitimate argument to study in other cities than Delft because of the girls.

European Union4 points·4 months ago

I studied in Aachen myself and, believe me, I feel your pain. (For those who haven't got the joke yet: Delft and Aachen are both small towns housing two of Europe's leading technical universities, both engineering-focused, and with distressing male-to-female ratios and alarming neckbeard concentrations. Leiden, on the other hand, houses one of Europe's oldest universities, centered rather on law, medicine and the humanities, and thus has rather more female students. It's also, for various reasons, rather posh and snotty old-money upper-class.)

The Netherlands18 points·4 months ago

Delft is literally 7 minutes from the Hague by train. You could have done both. Next time your dad comes up with any big ideas, give me a call and I'll chime in with pedantic train schedule information.

European Union6 points·4 months ago

Only for them to all be delayed because NS

South Holland (Netherlands)Original Poster3 points·4 months ago

That's where HTM comes in.

European Union4 points·4 months ago

Bless tram 1

The Netherlands2 points·4 months ago

Then you would just take the tram between Delft and Den Haag instead

South Holland (Netherlands)22 points·4 months ago

Delft is easier to see in a day and everything you want to see is in walking distance from the railway station.

Basque Country5 points·4 months ago

Yeah, we went everywhere walking and it indeed is a beautiful city

I would have visit Deventer its one of the oldest city's this year's it's 1250 years old ;) it's pretty and allot of old buildings but also allot to do in the city.

Yeah, but no. Delft is a way better day trip

17 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Mildly interesting fun fact: all the buildings in this picture ( except the most left tower) are government buildings. The other towers are (roughly from left to right) the ministry of education, ministry of social affairs, the ministry of internal affairs and the ministry of justice. Not sure what the most right tower next to the JuBi towers is.

Edit: from what I can see on Google Maps that tower on the right is just a generic office tower.

Netherlands8 points·4 months ago

It's De Kroon (the crown); both office and residental.

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Is this one of dem no go zones?

European Union10 points·4 months ago

I'm there right now. Apparently I'm flirting with death.

Living below sea level is already flirting with death. I believe the two cancel, and you are safe.

Europe6 points·4 months ago

No, its publicly accessible. You can also go into the Binnenhof itself, which lies behind the old-timey facade you see in OPs picture

You missed the joke..

Some US ambassador in the Netherlands said there are no-go zones in the Netherlands and that there are politicians and cars being set on fire in the streets.

Europe3 points·4 months ago

aahhhh wooosh... :D now I get it!

Europe14 points·4 months ago

Also one of the most important UN cities.
It home to

Eurojust is also there, which coordinates criminal prosecution between EU countries.

There were also a ton of political meeting there during WW1 because of the Netherlands' neutrality

Just above sea level3 points·4 months ago

And the Council of Europe's founding was discussed there after WW2.

If you've never visited it is absolutely worth a trip, probably the nicest beach I've ever seen in Northern Europe!

South Holland (Netherlands)Original Poster54 points·4 months ago
The Netherlands81 points·4 months ago

The beach is great but the north sea is still the north sea.

Netherlands & Romania62 points·4 months ago

Aye the chavs across swim in that

Just a reminder that people do go to Skegness on holiday.

Is it always this crowded or is it a holiday season thing? Where I live there are some beaches that are like this all year-round, that's why I ask

South Holland (Netherlands)Original Poster24 points·4 months ago

Holiday season, when it's 25+ degrees.

I completely forgot about winter

Amsterdam12 points·4 months ago

You must live near the equator lol

I do lol

The Netherlands6 points·4 months ago

It's mainly a good-weather thing. So never in winter, and in the summer only on those few days that the weather is good (sun shines and the temperature is above 20 degrees celsius).

The Netherlands13 points·4 months ago

Few?! There's at least five of them!

The Netherlands5 points·4 months ago

Yeah we were lucky last year.

Netherlands14 points·4 months ago

So never in winter,


Groningen (Netherlands)2 points·4 months ago

Only the few weeks per year when it's hot.

32 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Why can't we move EU "back" to the Hauge. It is so beautiful!

Edit: Apparently I can't spell Dutch cities. Leaving it for aesthetics.

Netherlands55 points·4 months ago

Because people have trouble spelling the name.

Earth32 points·4 months ago

What's so difficult about 's-Gravenhage?

The Netherlands13 points·4 months ago

Yeah, what's so difficult about Den Haag?

The Netherlands3 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

It's not nearly as difficult as 's Hertogenbosch or Tietjerksteradeel

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The Netherlands25 points·4 months ago

Unlike that Bruxxelles Brussells Brusseles Brussel city!

As soon as I saw your message I knew, I had done goofed.

Bologna9 points·4 months ago

because Brussels is too a beautiful city. At times run down and dirty in the city center, but nothing that a good refurbishment/gentrification cannot solve.

And Belgian cuisine and beer is far superior to anything Holland has to offer. If anything, the EU quarter has rather plain buildings I would rather get rid of.

Beer, yes. Food? I don't know about that one tbh. I guess they have good chocolate though.

The Netherlands2 points·4 months ago

Dutch cuisine is one of the most boring cuisines in the world.

Deventer, The Netherlands4 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

ever been to Scandinavia? or Ireland? way worse then ours

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Beautiful city.

When I was there last year in November, there were what felt like millions of parakeets meeting up on the little island on the left of this picture. Does anybody know what's up with that?

As a matter of fact I do. These parakeets are "Rose ringed parakeets" they roam the cities of The Hague and Amsterdam among other parts in the West of The Netherlands. In the 1960's these parakeets escaped from cages or were set free by their owners. Contrary to what you'd expect these birds are very well adjusted to the cold Dutch climate and as a result their numbers increased dramatically over the last decades, it is estimated that around 10.000 birds have made the Western part of The Netherlands their home now.

The Netherlands12 points·4 months ago

Often it seems like all 10,000 of them are in the tree outside our back window here in Amsterdam. They make quite a racket when they get together and party.

Nice, thank you. Very interesting actually

France11 points·4 months ago

I guess they don't burn polititians here right?

The Netherlands9 points·4 months ago

That's what the fountain is for

Nazi Netherlands5 points·4 months ago

We drown them.

What's dead may never die!

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He does it for free35 points·4 months ago

Fun fact: both the Dutch PM's office and the museum housing Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp are visible on this photo. They are even next to each other (obscured yellow building and the tower in front of it).

The Netherlands14 points·4 months ago

The Mauritshuis is fantastic, a small museum but with those fantastic paintings, and the Goldfinch.

Romania61 points·4 months ago

Something most people don't expect: They have a beautiful beach.

107 points·4 months ago

Scheveningen is probably the shittiest beach in the country.

Amsterdam16 points·4 months ago

We should send them all to Scheveningen so we can have the rest of the beaches for ourselves

Overijssel (Netherlands)13 points·4 months ago

We'll build a wall and make the Germans dig trenches!

Good plan,, they are allready good in diigging holes

The Netherlands16 points·4 months ago

Kijkduin and the beach between Scheveningen & Kijkduin isn't as bad though, right? Not too familiar with Den Haag in peak summer time, might be super busy then too.

The Netherlands24 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Shh, don't tell anyone, we want to keep all the tourists at the northern beach.

2 points·4 months ago

Kijkduin is fine, I agree.

Loved to cruise there on a longboard!

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Bologna7 points·4 months ago

what's the historical reason why the parliament was kept in the Hague while the official capital was Amsterdam?

Not saying that they should have, but I can't think of another nation where the parliament is not in the capital.

Gunn (Netherlands)24 points·4 months ago

I believe South-Africa does it similar.

As to why Amsterdam is our capital: Louis Bonaparte, better known here as Lodewijk Napoleon (he was the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte), tougth the trading city Amsterdam deserved to be a world city, although The Hague was already the political center.

Redcoat working on retaking the 13 colonies back for the empire8 points·4 months ago

South Africa split things so they had the judiciary in Bloemfontein, Parliament in Cape Town, and executive in Pretoria. This happened because before the Union of South Africa was formed there were individual colonies ruled from the three seats of government mentioned and the ultimate unification of these colonies would not be as a federal state along the lines of Canada or Australia but as a unitary state more akin to the UK itself. So it was a form of compensation for the loss of power each individual colony experienced after unification.

The Netherlands8 points·4 months ago

The Netherlands was founded as a coalition of seven distinct provinces. Each of these provinces had their own laws, traditions, and political interests, but Holland was the most powerful, and Amsterdam was the richest and most powerful city.

So in an attempt to reduce the centralization of power to the Holland- or Amsterdam-based elite, the other provinces insisted on putting parliament in a more neutral location. Later, Holland was even divided into North and South, separating Den Haag and Amsterdam further in a legal sense.

However, Den Haag was barely even a town at this point, and Amsterdam was the center of Dutch commerce. Because of that, and to assuage the Hollander faction, Amsterdam was picked as the capital.

The Netherlands3 points·4 months ago

Maybe you can compare it to former colonies like US, Canada and Australia setting up the capital in a new city instead of an existing largest powerful one.

There was a lot of competition between cities in Holland in the sixteenth century, and as the Hague, which had hosted the government of Holland since the fourteenth century, was not a city, it was a good neutral choice in 1585.

As Amsterdam grew the most powerful, I guess most of the country was happy not to let them have the government too.

I think someone else said this already, but in the Constitution Amsterdam is only mentioned once as being the capital, in a side remark.

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Moving there in a few months!

European Union7 points·4 months ago


Spain7 points·4 months ago

Be welcome!

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The Netherlands8 points·4 months ago

In The Hague, the nick name for the 2 towers in the middle is 'de Haagse Tieten' = 'The Hague Tits'

I studied abroad in The Hague. Best experience of my life. What a wonderful city.

Sweden18 points·4 months ago

Also known as second home for some Serbs.

Poland4 points·4 months ago

Welcome to King's Row!

The Islamic Sheikhdom of Finland4 points·4 months ago

THIMUN anyone?

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We apologize for The Two Tits

LusoFrench citizen living in the Netherlands6 points·4 months ago

I will actually track you down and hit you if you ever apologize for tits again.

I allways liked this oddly shaped building. Stadskantoor leyweg.

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Underrated city. Every tourist flocks to Amsterdam, but the Netherlands has so many more awesome cities to visit.

That's a nice picture.

Truly delightful.

And also not even their actual capital

That’s a beautiful photo! I just love architecture

Portugal2 points·4 months ago

It's a fountain?

Lovely place to live if you have the money to live in the upscale areas.

European Union3 points·4 months ago

Eh I live on the edge of schilderswijk and it's also quite fine

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