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First off, this is not in support of the game; I personally have never really gotten into the Battlefield games. Well, except for Bad Company. That shit was awesome. I will, however, address two of the major complaints people keep repeating that come from lack of knowledge/misunderstanding of WW2.

Prosthetic Arm

The one depicted in this game is based on the Dorrance hook prosthetic, invented in the early 1900s during WW1. It is the most widely used prosthetic in history, primarily because it worked so well, allowing users to return to normal duties, blue collar work, and even sports. There are models for both upper and lower limb amputations, with a series of cables activating the hook and in the case of upper arm amputations, the elbow.

Female Soldiers

We tend to think that female military members were solely relegated to hospitals, desk and factory work, but the fact is that several hundred thousand women saw combat. By the half way mark of WW2, allied armies needed bodies, and each country filled those gaps with women to varying extents (with varying levels controversy). While Russia was the first to open up their armed forces to female combatants, the other allies (excluding the USA) found use for female soldiers as well, creating auxiliary female branches. Everything from fighter and bomber pilots, to manning tanks, anti-aircraft guns, snipers (Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a Russian sniper, had over 300 confirmed kills) and yes even infantry (though it should be noted that despite this, the military’s plan was to never see women on the front lines, this ultimately did happen). Britain, in particular, had female marines, who they parachuted behind enemy lines for sabotage and assassination missions, ordered by Churchill to “set Europe ablaze.”. This of course, does not include the thousands of women who took up arms outside of military command in the various resistance forces throughout Europe.

There is likely plenty of valid issues to have with the Battlefield V reveal, but a female soldier and a prosthetic arm are not one of them.

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