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Posted by@AndyManganelli 3 months ago
Stickied post

Hey All!

First off I want to say welcome to the subreddit! It's something Marques and I have been working to start off 2018 and we're REALLY excited to use it as a tool to better hear the audience and enhance communication between viewers and creators! Also huge credit to /u/luncand for having this created a while ago and keeping it around and moderated for a number of years!

I'm sure everyone has noticed that there was a very large influx in active users in the last day due to mentioning it in a recent video. While it's lead to a bunch of awesome content for the site, it's also lead to a bunch of posts we would consider spam after seeing how it's affected the front page.

So we're going to attempt to clean up our front page a bit in a few different ways.


  2. I've found that the majority of clutter on the front page right now is video idea suggestions with minimal upvotes and no comments. We love to hear your guys ideas, but it's just messy to have all of them in separate posts essentially burying other topics people are actively talking about. (you may have noticed a topic you posted is gone now, I just went through and removed a lot of them. That has nothing to do with what the idea was, I just removed all of them) What I'm going to do is every month I'll post a pinned thread that will be a place for people to list their ideas for upcoming videos. This will let everyone upvote ideas so we can get a better idea of what multiple people are interested in. Also give a place to discuss ideas and why they could possibly make a good video! This thread will also include ANY ideas! Merch/Podcasts/Music/Whatever.

  3. There have been quite a few posts of self promotion as well, and I'm not 100% sure what to think of this. I think it's really awesome how many people are creating and it's always nice to see other channels in case you're looking for some extra content. We're going to try and look into some way we can create a thread or document where you guys can post your channels. I'll update that sometime in the future, but for now I'd ask to refrain from posting your own stuff as individual threads. If you have a video that relates to a post please feel free to post that related video in the comments section if you feel it adds to the conversation!

  4. MKBHD memes. Lets go. I love memes so I'm totally open to them being posted as it's own thread as long as it's quality and doesn't start cluttering the page! So we'll say this is temporarily open, but let's keep not abuse it!

  5. Due to only being able to pin 2 threads the wallpapers thread has been unpinned, but will continue to be linked in the sidebar! Please follow that link to find or request wallpapers! Or look in the video comment section where the wallpaper was shown!

I think that sort of covers the main things I noticed after a day since the video. Going to leave this thread open to hear any of your guys concerns or questions!

But most importantly WELCOME! We're really pumped to have you guys here and can't wait to kill 2018 with a lot of content!

Thanks, Andrew

Posted by@AndyManganelli 20 days ago
Stickied post

It's May! So you know what time it is! A new idea's post! We want to hear from you guys on what you're interested in seeing on the channel! Whether this be video ideas, merch ideas, etc we're open to hear them all!

I personally read this thread every day so even if your post is towards the bottom don't worry, I'm reading it. Also be sure to upvote the topics you think are most interesting (but don't beg for upvotes and don't downvote just because you don't like an idea).

Excited to see what you guys come up with! We will re-do the thread every month so that certain topics don't stay at the top, but I highly suggest sorting by "new" every week so you don't miss any new ideas!

And finally just because a post reaches the top does not guarantee that it will become a video! We have a large backlog of ideas that have been "next in line" or even started that then get thrown on the back burner, so don't be upset if it doesn't actually reach the channel! Ideas in general can even just enhance videos that are already in the works because it helps us understand what you guys are interested in!

I also realize that I don't believe we used any ideas from last month, but we traveled A LOT in March so we didn't post all that many videos that weren't already planned. Feel free to repost ideas from previous threads! (Although we have them saved for future videos)

Post away!

Quick reminder of rules

Keep discussion civil and positive. If you're unsure how Reddit works, upvote comments that you think are interesting and would like to see, and comment on it why you think it's interesting. DO NOT downvote other posts just because they're not your idea or you don't like it. Only downvote if the comment is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.


Does anybody know how to install the OnePlus time widget on s8+? The one which is on the top left of the OnePlus 6 video


Does he used case in his Pixel 2 XL or not? Does he use a case on any of his phones?

Just wondering :)

Posted bySamsung Theme Designer4 days ago

Hey guys,

I have completed and submitted the theme and it is now being tested by Samsung's Validation Team. The testing usually takes around a week but might take longer if there's some visibility problem in a device model ( I have to try to fix it and re-submit it if that happens, which might delay the release even further). Once the theme gets published I will post here again with previews of the theme and direct links so you'll go straight to the theme.

There's a small chance the theme will not be available for the Galaxy S9 & S9+ for a while (check my post in r/galaxys9 if you want more info)

I couldn't make the video wallpaper as good as I wanted it to be which is why there won't be a video wallpaper, or at least not at this time.

If there's any delays I'll update this post.

Theme Status: Under Device Test (2nd Version) (initial version had a problem with the S9 & S9+)

Animated Wallpaper Status: Under Test Confirmation

Wallpaper Status: Test Passed

Motion Wallpaper Status: Under Device Test


When, if ever, are we going to maybe see a hands on video of the RED phone that is supposed to drop in the fall?


In a recent video Marques had a Google play music player open on his Mac. Can someone tell me what video that was and/or what program he's using?



Ok so I've been thinking of switching from my Galaxy S7 which is still great and performance is still great even though Oreo hasn't even been released for it yet at least for me, to the Essential Ph1 which is now at a discounted price, but I he only thing is I don't know if Essential has done much to fix it's problems which I've heard had many at launch and still does. So I'd like to know if it'd be a good idea to switch over or not ? If not how about a refurbished first gen Pixel ?


I have a Google pixel 2 black and I have a of cases but I just love having my pixel 2 without a case on but I really don't want to damage it while using it (I also work in construction) how easy is it to apply a Dbrand skin and would you say they are worth it?

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