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30-day challenges

We are pleased to continue our 30-day challenge series. Past challenges can be found here.

This month's 30-day challenge is to Reduce your future health (and current habit) expenses!

Why is this important?

Healthcare costs past retirement age are expensive! In addition to this, unhealthy lifestyles can have a negative effect on your current financial situation. There is already a lot of overlap between personal finance and lifestyle choices, so let's take a look at some immediate improvements you can make for your future.

Reducing your Risk of Heart Disease (Cost $3,000 - $38,501)

Leading a healthy lifestyle is the biggest way to reduct your risk of heart disease. Among these lifestyle choices:

  • Not using tobacco (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
  • Being physically active (Same sources as above)
  • Maintaining a healthy weight (Same sources as above)
  • Making healthy food choices (Same sources as above)
  • Stress management (Source)

Some of the above also have a side effect of immediate financial impact:

  • Not using tobacco: $1,610 - $3,750 per year (Source)
  • Making healthy food choices: comparative savings of $14 per meal (fast food, family of 4) (Source)

Reducing your Risk of Cancer (Cost $19,901 - $60,885 per annum)

The lifestyle choices below have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer:

  • Not using tobacco (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4)
  • Maintaining a healthy weight (Same sources as above)
  • Limiting alcohol intake (Same sources as above)
  • Get screened for cancer and/or Hepatitis C (Same sources as above)
  • Protect yourself from the sun (Same sources as above)

Note that a few of these are carried over from the first section on heart disease! There are some immediate financial impacts of reducing your alcohol intake: You can save about $750 USD per year by going dry.

Reducing chronic lower respiratory diseases (Cost $6,000 more in medical care than those without)

The lifestyle choices below have been shown to reduce the risk of COPD:

  • Not smoking (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
  • Avoid respiratory infections and get vaccinated (Same sources as above)
  • Avoid home and workplace air pollutants, lung irritants, or dust (Same sources as above)
  • Exercise regularly to improve your breathing
  • Address allergic conditions

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Challenge success criteria

You've successfully completed this challenge once you've done 2 or more of the following things:

  • Reduce or stop any tobacco habits
  • Reduce or stop your alcohol intake
  • Pick up an outdoor hobby (walking, hiking, running, swimming, biking, etc.) and don't forget the sunscreen!
  • See your primary care physician for a checkup. Ask for recommendations on lifestyle improvements, sleep quality, stress reduction, and if applicable, drug use.
  • Increase your frequency of cooking at home and eat healthier foods
  • Start a fitness journal
  • Reduce time spent on watching television, playing video games, and other idle habits
  • Take time off of work to reduce stress (Public holidays such as Memorial Day, Victoria Day, May Day, or other holidays from your country of residence don't count!)
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If you need help, please check the PF Wiki to see if your question might be answered there.

While we never remove posts just because a question is answered in the wiki, this thread is a low-key place to ask any question no matter how "moronic" you think it might be.

Make a top-level comment if you want to ask a question! Also, please don't downvote "moronic" questions! If you have not received your answer within 24 hours, you can feel free to start a discussion.

A big thank you to the many PFers who take time to answer other people's questions!

For past help threads, please search the Weekly Archive.


My parents will require me to leave home as soon as I graduate from high school. Included with this is the requirement for me to support myself entirely. However, I would like to go to the state university. Some relevant details:

  1. The state school would cost me ~20k a year after the merit-based scholarship I will receive from the school itself and financial aid. This price includes housing, tuition, books, and food. I would need to find somewhere to live during summer, though.

  2. It will only take me 6 semesters to achieve my degree because I have taken prerequisite college courses online.

  3. As of right now, I am about to finish my Junior year and have a part-time job where I average about 20 hours a week, however, there are no extra hours available.

  4. Senior year I will be getting out of school early (about noon), so I could get a second job and work full time.

  5. The way my state/university is laid out I will more or less need to buy a car, so I intend to buy a used car at the end of summer (I have about 2,000 saved right now).

  6. My grades (top 5% of class) and test scores are good (99.5 percentile) however I am not eligible for need-based scholarships.

Which leads to my questions:

What actions should I be taking now in order to prepare for what's to come?

Is it possible for a teenager to get a job paying more than minimum wage, if so how and where?

What can I do to lessen the costs of college (I've taken all 100 & 200 level courses at community college already so it is not possible for me to go to community college first)?

What are some costs I should be prepared for?

And finally any other general advice?

Thank you in advance for any help you all provide.


I work at a small real estate advisory company (<25) doing marketing and graphic design (only one on the team), but I also do HR work and random tasks no one else wants to do. I've been here for around 10 months. Despite being small, we definitely make money and have hired 2 executives in the last 4 months and a new junior employee. My current salary is $38.4k (~$18.46/hour), and in the research that I've done, I'm being underpaid by about $8-12k. I have about 3+ years of experience.

My boss mentioned during my initial review last week that I'm not being fairly compensated for the work I do, and when discussing what I'd like to be paid, I shot for the stars and said $25/hour (~$50k). They also mentioned that they'd like to give me added responsibilities if I'd want it.

If they low ball me and give me <$42k, is it bad to decline the added responsibilities if I feel like I'm not being fairly compensated for the work I do now, let alone more? I've heard from other employees that the management tries to sometimes add work but don't necessarily like to pay for it and I don't want to fall into that because I feel bad or something. Any advice would be great.

Posted by1 day agoGilded2

So, twelve days ago, my great-grandma had a stroke. My grandmother, my legal caregiver, went to the local hospital (a ripe two hour drive away) and has stayed there ever since to ensure that the doctors don't take her mom off life support. My aunt, my other caregiver, and her kids went with her.

So long story short, I'm home alone. I've been home alone for over ten days and have had to take care of the family's two sheep, two goats, five dogs, three cats, six large birds, dozens of chickens/ducks/quails/guineas, two horses, and a rabbit to boot

The people taking care of me don't know when they'll be home. They're not gonna let the doctors let my grandma die so they're gonna stay there until she dies naturally or recovers, which could be months. I've expressed my concerns through text and have only been met with "I don't knows" and the like. They've come home twice (for a couple hours) just to check on things but aren't making money themselves so they haven't been able to help.

I'm basically taking care of a house and all these animals alone at 17.

I'm not sure what to do. Eventually bills will start popping up and the animal are already low on food.

I have a weekly shift at McDonalds to fund myself, but in the area I live, the bus to town runs very rarely so taking full time hours isn't an easy solution.

I go to school as well since a school bus goes through my area. (though I'd be willing to drop out if needed)

TL;DR: Fending for myself, as well as dozens of farm animals, for an indeterminate I make almost no money and live in a rural area.

EDIT: Thank you for your replies, I'll read them all and respond when I'm out of school in a couple hours!

UPDATE: Thank you all for replying, I'll try to get through as many as I can but I honestly did not expect this to blow up like it did. Anyway, I talked to my family and while they're not returning home, my aunt has come back with cat and dog food so the animals won't starve for now. She says she doesn't know how much longer they will be gone but don't anticipate it being months like they originally thought. I'm going off her words here. I also talked to my manager and am getting three evening shifts this week over my usual weekly one, so I'm not gonna be completely broke. The bus rarely comes through but I'm fine killing time in town if it means more money coming in. I won't drop out of school either. I was just panicked and assumed I'd have to work full time. I'll update more as events unfold


It seems to be pretty standard but this is only the second time I've hunted for an apartment so I thought a second set of eyes couldn't hurt. One part in particular though that seemed odd was offering to give me one month free if I payed 3 in advance, has anyone seen that before?

Thank you for any insight you can offer!

Email is as follows:

Hello ,

Thanks for your email I am landlord the owner of the property you are making inquiry of the rental is fully furnished with all necessary amenities in is very nice and safe area ,close to EVERYTHING , easy access to public transportation. Great Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and shopping within walking distance. It comes with parking spot and a Storage unit where you can put my furniture ( IF you don't like it and you want use your furniture) PETS are allowed also you can rent FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED . The property is available for a SHORT or LONG TERM rental period I am a kind and honest man and also I spent a lot on my property I will solicit for your absolute maintenance I used to reside there before not until I left for CAMBODIA for a construction job with Total/Elf ( I'm a Construction Engineer ) I want a tenant I can trust do tell me more about yourself me and my family are staying here for about 5 yrs with no plan of returning back that is why I have made up my mind to put up all my property for rent the place is vacant and ready for move in now.

===========FILL THE RENT APPLICATION =============

1)Full Name(s):

2)Present Address(Current residence):

3)Direct contact phone number(home and cell):


5)Marital Status:

6)How many people will be living in the flat:

7)Do you have a pet ?:

8)Do you have a car? If yes, how many? :


10)Citizen of Which Country?

11)How long do you intend to stay?:

12)When are you ready to Move In? Exact Date? :

13) How many months rent can you pay upfront? Minimum ( first and last month rent ) or ( Pay 3 months rent + & you get (1) month free ) which option do you prefer ?

Thanks for taking your time in writing me and hope to hear back from you. Regards,


Im doing pretty well for myself, just open to any suggestions from the wise people on here. Always up to hear different ideas. Main life goals are to have a paid off house as soon as possible, and slam money into retirement investments after i have to mortgage to pay and retire early.

So i am 21(M) graduated high school 3 years ago. I am halfway done with a 4 year trade school which is paid by my employer. Just broke up with GF so i am single at the moment. Nobody depends on my income. No debt. I make roughly $50k base but with overtime about $60k gross. I recently bought a 1800sq ft house with an acre of land for $230,000 and paid 5% down ($218,000 at 3.975% loan) paying $100 a month pmi untill i get to 20% principle paid off. Mortgage payment now is 1400mo and i expect 1300mo when i get to 20%

My assets at the moment: $20k cash savings $19k roth IRA(max every year) $3k 401k(from old job) $2k value of my truck $3k value of my jeep $6k value of a car i am selling soon

I undertand its unusual for someone in my situation to buy a home this young, but the home i bought is in a 8/10 school district in the town i grew up in. A state park has picked up 400 acres of land that border my property since i purchased the home, so i assume that will increase the value over time. The town is developing quickly. It is within commuting distance to washington DC, arlington Va, several military bases. So if i were to rent it out, there would be no shortage of renters as there are jobs and families everywhere around me. I would estimate its a 1600-1800 a month home with 3 beds and 2 baths.

At the moment i am living at the house with a good friend who pays $200 a month rent and buys our groceries and helps with maintinence. Have another friend that is interested in moving in which his rent would be $450 a month, but it is not confirmed yet. We are fixing the little problems the house has as we get the time on weekends. I have only made 2 mortgage payments so far but intend to keep my cash savings at 20k and anything on top of that at the end of each month will go toward principle.

My longterm plan is to eventually find a new girl and hopefully eventually get married while i have roomates live here to help with rent. I also have lots of family nearby i can live with incase i ever want to straight up rent the place out and have someone pay the mortgage for me while i slam it with principle payments living cheap at my parents house.

I know its not the most common situation but it seems pretty fail safe no matter what life throws at me. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas im open to hear them Thanks!


Hey all. Never thought I would be posting here but after a lot of trying I figured it's better if we separate. I am a 28 y/o male. Live in Ontario, Canada.

I'm not sure if this is the right place for thia but I'd like to get some advice on starting over. I really don't know where to start. Is there anything I should be aware of?


Many of us "know" not to time the market and to avoid over-hyped stocks, but despite this we sometimes let our less rationale selves win. That's what I did and I lost $5745 since Jan 6th of this year.

  • Lost $470 because I decided to drop $1000 into bitcoin due to all the hype. I happened to buy at it's second highest peak and I've lost 53% of the initial investment.

  • Lost $1098 on weed and online gambling (stocks) due to similar reasons. I bought into the marijuana stock hype for $3,000 and bought $500 worth of online gambling stock to try and capitalize on the recent US Supreme Court decision that online sports betting is now legal. Both down a total of $1098.

  • Lost $4177 by trying to time the market during the drops in early February (even though I know not to do that). I sold off my holdings in one account in time to avoid losing a few extra percent, but totally missed the boat on the market rebound and ended up 4% worse than if I had stayed in.

In total, these three stupid mistakes have cost me $5745 since the beginning of this year (not counting that additional gains I would have had from putting the $4500 I spent on BTC, weed stocks, and gambling stocks into an index fund instead).

While these wont screw me financially, it amounts to ~6% of my invested net worth so it stings a bit for sure. Also, I know that the first two losses above aren't realized until I sell the holdings, but I'm being stubborn and hoping they rebound a bit before I do. This is also probably a bad idea...

TLDR: Just stick your $ in an index fund and let it ride.


I’m hardly involved in this process and they haven’t asked me to Co-sign for a house, but they have asked my younger, never bought a home, financially responsible and good credited younger brother (27).

Parents sold their house a little over a year ago. Mother works full time in a coffee shop and father is a self-employed musician and has been for about 30 years. They make a decent income, but I guess on paper my dad looks sketchy?

They have been working with a financial advisor or someone in real estate who has supposedly been looking into how this could negatively effect my brother, but is only annoyed when he calls her to ask her any questions. The conclusion between my brother and I is that she’s not being very honest with him but is trying very hard to get my parents a loan.

My brother is single, 27, great job making 6 figures and has plans to buy multiple homes in the city he lives in, fix them up (he is a builder/painter) and rent them to low income families. This is important to him and he’s been moving towards it for a couple years and even has people/organizations wanting to help him invest.

He just can’t have this loan with my parents effect his future plans to buy his first, second, third and so on home. What is he looking at happening if he were to co-sign?


Working 2 jobs I bring in Aprox 1500/mo. My husband brings in 1000. I owe 65k in various student loans, +6K in medical, plus car payment, rent etc, we're netting negative. Our savings is almost gone. What options do I have for financial advice, consolidation, etc? Who can I talk to that won't sell me on a bad plan? If my monthly payments went down, we could make this work again. I'm a cancer patient, so im expecting long term monitoring & testing. I need that emergency buffer again.


I'm 20 and have a full time job as a restaurant server making anywhere from 1k-1.2k a month (not much I know) it I have another job for the next 9 weeks that pays out a flat $4k for the time I'm there. I'm also about to be a full time college student with loans, financial aid, and scholarships I have all school finances covered. My only outstanding monthly bill is my car insurance which is $150/month. I'm looking to spend a max of $14,000, but would prefer to spend about $10-12,000. Where I really need advice is, how to achieve a new car within the next year? I've kept my current car running as long as possible but the transmission is about to go out and that'll total the car.


My 2015 and 2016 tax returns are still pending. I went to a tax guy to help me reduce my 2015 dues. But unless I reach out to him I never hear back from him and it's been close to two years since I've started working with him. And besides that, what frustrates me in addition is that I'm always asking him about my deduction options.

So I got frustrated and have decided to go ahead and do it on my own through TurboTax since that asks me better questions than the tax guy.

I was able to successfully file my 2017 returns earlier this week. And I had to purchase the 2016 desktop version since I can't file it through their online version any more. But the 2016 desktop says that I'll have to print and mail it in when I'm done and that e-file is no longer available through TurboTax.

At the moment, I'm trying to get a preapproval for a mortgage and they need atleast the last 2 years tax returns and so, I'm trying to get the 2016 returns done asap. I would like to know if it is even possible to efile 2016 returns through a tax person at the moment if not through TurboTax.


I live in Massachusetts and graduated two years ago with a degree in business technology and absolutely loathe my job. I wear a lot of different hats (business analyst, developer, QA) and feel completely overwhelmed by it all. I am paid well for my age/experience (65k salary + 8k bonus) and the company is known for not firing people. Also, it seems like they are open to lateral movements as 8 people have moved from my department to other business units since I've started.

I definitely need some kind of change but I don't know how to go about this. Do I make a lateral move within the company? If I do, my pay probably decreases. Do I get another IT related job at another company? My salary would probably stay the same or increase but I'm started to think this career path is just not for me and Id still be miserable.

I've also been thinking about other career paths and one as an academic advisor sort of interests me. There is an opening for an academic advisor at a local community college. However, the pay is only 45-50k and I'm not sure if I'd even enjoy/be ok the work.

All I know is that my anxiety and depression that comes along with this job is consuming me and I need some sort of change. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hey guys, idk if this is the best place to post this but here goes. I am graduating in 2 days and recently landed a job in the financial district of San Francisco, I am originally from Southern California. My base pay will be $74k a year, they’re giving me $5k in relocation, and I will be up for bonuses throughout the year. I would say I’m going to be making close to $80k a year or so. I am completely lost on where to live. I don’t want to live in SF and have all my money go to rent. I am completely fine living outside the city to save money. I would like to be very close to the BART or Ferry as this is how I would get to work. I’m not into partying and would like to live in a quiet, safe area. I would also like to live near grocery stores and have easy access to things like that. I’m not sure if I’m going to bring my car. I don’t mind having a roommate, I just want my own room. Being frugal, how much should I pay towards rent? I’m thinking absolutely no more than $1,200. I am responsible with my money and know that I will have no problem living within my means, I just want to know what I can reasonably afford in terms of housing and what city should I begin looking at? Thanks guys!


Hi Reddit Finance,

Hoping you can help me out here. I am looking to buy a reliable used car. A 2014 kia with 30k miles to be a bit more exact. I have two credit cards. One (discover) has a 4k dollar balance that I have never missed a payment on and am working to pay down from my wedding last year. The other (chase) is used for day to day purchases. I checked my free credit score on my bank, discover, and chase websites and they are all consistently around 755-760. I decided that my finances are in order, I have steady income, a great job, an awesome wife, why not buy a "new" car for us! I checked the rate calculator for someone asking for a 19,000 loan and it looked fine by me 4.5% for a 72 month loan. I went ahead and filled out the pre-approval application without my wife as the cosigner as her credit is a 670 (was not sure if that would affect me).

Long story short, I was denied the loan. Of course now I have to wait two weeks for the letter explaining why. But I am hoping you all could help me figure out why and HOW to fix it?



Just wondering if anyone has used intuit Mint app. Just downloaded it and I am hesitating connecting it to my bank account. Want to know if anyone has had any problems?


Hey guys! I just wanted other opinions.

I was using a free trial of YNAB and honestly I spent more time LEARNING how to use it than actually using it. After learning how to use it, I felt the syncing problems were unbearable. I don’t want to use it manually.

I didn't like Every Dollar before because I didn't like that it was based on total income for the month, disregarding when the income comes. I like YNAB because it was based on how much money you actually have. But I've opted to use Every Dollar and budget based on the income I have, not the total.

I wonder if anyone else had a similar experience or thought.


A couple years back my mom assigned me POA over her finances in case anything happened to her.

My dad was just diagnosed with cancer and they are currently supported by Medicaid.

They do not have a lot of money and have hit their 401K in the past pretty hard due to poor financial decisions. Do I have anything I need to worry about? Any suggestions on actions I should take?

Thank you!!


I bought my house at the top of the market in 2006 for 158k with a 30 yr mortgage at 5.75%.

After 10 years of being underwater, I spent the last 2 years making extra payments to lower my principal... or course I just missed rock bottom rates, but the question is, should I refi into another 30 ($280 less per month) or keep my payment about the same and refi into a 15 to pay off the mortgage quicker?

I'm sure the answer is probably - "it depends" - so just looking for what those might be.

Yes, I know this question has probably been beaten to death, but it's just reddit...

EDIT: I left one very important piece of information out of this first post...

I live in the house now, but plan to rent it out when I move.

Current payment is $1270

new payment (30 yr) - $995

Potential rent: $1500


I’m 21, single, and feeling like I’m drowning right now, as the title states.

I have ~3k debt on my credit cards.

Some small medical bills ($140 right now, will have another $140 bill next month).

$250/mo car payment. $270/mo insurance. (Dumb dumb dumb, I drove much too fast more than a few times)

Now, the situation with the car is kind of crappy, and I’m trying to get out of it. 5.99% interest on $10,700 (as of this month). Car is worth $6k to a dealership if they’re being very generous. It’s been needing repairs, but I do feel caught up on them for now. Private party I may be able to pay the loan off, but then would have no vehicle.

I commute 60 miles a day for work, finding closer employment that pays similar or even enough isn’t much of an option - i have tried, and have been ghosted once they found out what I currently make.

$110/mo phone bill. $500/mo rent.

Every month I gross between $2800-$3600. Take home roughly $2500-3000.

Gas is ~$300/mo with my commute. Shitty gas mileage + 91 octane. (Turbo car)

Outside of these bills, I have a dog ($40/mo for food).

I’m just trying to figure out how to stay afloat and get rid of this debt. I do absolutely love my car, I’d consider it a large part of my hobbies, but I don’t love it enough to spend as much as I do to have it.


So as the title says I'm trying to clear a LARGE chunk of debt out over this summer to work on selling my old home and buying a new one.

I have The following:

  1. Visa card with 5800 (apx on the balance) interested puts about 125 on a month. but i'm paying 1000.00 a month
  2. Wife has Student loans 4300. that starting in July i will be Paying about 850.00 a month
  3. A line of credit i owe 3800. but pay about 150 a month but still borrow occasionally from
  4. A 2nd line of credit i owe 2300 and pay 150 on
  5. A few minor accounts under the balance of 1000 each so total is about 3k

We make on a monthly basis (Her about 3800 a month in 2 paychecks, ME about 3400 a month in 2 paychecks.) No cars but our bills take about 1 of hers and 1 of my checks to cover leaving the rest to pay off.

My house is apox Showing on some sites i could make 238k for a selling price and i owe about 120k on the mortgage to sell.

My question is What Price does anyone think I would be able to afford on a house and a down payment or anything they see i could make some money. If i can get this all out i may try and get a down payment on a couple cars too if i can swing it.

Just looking for advice


I'm 30 years old. I'm very green to this and seeking your expert advice (compared to me, yes you're an expert!)

I have a 403b through work, I am currently receiving the company max match. I am planning on upping my bi-weekly contribution by a decent amount. However, maxing it with roughly ~$1500 per month (to reach that yearly $18,500 max) is a bit steep. I'm middle class and I make middle class wages. This money is money that I will utilize when I am ~65 years old.

I have a Roth IRA that is 100% allocated via VFINX (Vanguard's S&P), it is currently maxed for this year with $5500. This is money I will utilize when I am ~59.5 years old.

I want money that I can utilize when I'm 40, 45, 50, 55. I am thinking my best bet is opening a Brokerage account within Vanguard. What are your thoughts? I'd also like to "diversify" from my VFINX which is simply all domestic, is this correct?

I'd like to open this account for ~$10,000. To diversify should I (or can I?) open something for $5000 and another fund for $5000? If I can do this, would you mind breaking it down for me? I've only opened one account, it was the Roth and I put all the money in the same place.

I mean I really need it broken down (in terms of opening this new account) and hopefully I'm able to take that $10,000 and break it into at least two different types of funds?

Or I could simply open Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTSAX)?


Hey guys! I'm looking for some advice or help I guess.

I'm a broke 23 year old trying to figure out how to fix this problem. A couple of days ago, I received a CP2000 in the mail. It has to do with my student credit 1098-T being filled incorrectly.

So I went to H&R block, since that is who I did my taxes with for 2016 and it turns out the lady who did it, filed the form from 2015 instead of 2016. And my 1098-T from 2016 doesn't actually count for anything, bc that is the year I graduated, and I paid for all my classes in 2015. So I really don't have any student credit to claim for 2016, unknownest to me...

So now the IRS says I owe $2000. My sister is telling me to file an amendment, and idk how that works or if that will even get me out of this $2000. And I also called H&R block bc I paid extra to have some type of garentee with this ish, and opened up a claim with them since I really don't feel that I should have to pay for this mistake. Is there anything I should do in the mean time??? Should I call the IRS people back and let them know that I'm pursuing H&R block for this mistake??? Should I not say anything until I know more? What's an amendment and how will it help?
Save me from having to become a stripper please 😭 I'm terrfied and panicking.


Hello All,

I am trying to do my due diligence before purchasing my first home, and as I understand it, the mortgage interest, state taxes, property taxes, and school taxes I would be paying would likely not amount to more than the new standard deduction.

Is there a calculator out there where I can turn off the mortgage interest deduction assumption or at least updated to account for the new tax code?

Thank you,



I'm worrying a tad about money, I don't really know why its not like im struggling (or am I?) Looking for some reassurance/help

I'm only 18, salary of £1,300 a month.

Outgoings -
£300 - Car
£290 - Insurance (I know, I know. Will be decreasing in November.)
£45 - Bike (0.0% APR for 12 Months)
£30 - Gym
£10 - Phone insurance

Others -
£225 - Savings

That leaves £400 for the rest of the month, which I break down into weeks:
£100 a week (£30 Petrol, £30 Food, £40 leisure/transfer to savings)

Is this good? Is this bad? I always start to panic towards the end of the month, and have dipped into my savings a couple of times.


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