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Did anyone else notice the metaphor of thin ice at the end. Lester was walking on thin ice the entire series until it finally cracked.


We know that there is another scooby series coming in 2019 and will air on Boomerang streaming service and it will be called Scooby doo and Guess who? Which will be considered a modern version of the new scooby doo movies which has the gang team up with various celebrities but also characters from warner bros properties like Looney tunes, DC comics and Hannah barbera cartoons and possibly tom and jerry

However whenever there is no new scooby doo property like every year or so,I think that this current era is suffering from scooby doo fatigue,because you see every one or two years a new scooby doo series is released and every year a direct to video movie is released.

Now I understand that Scooby doo is an beloved old franchise and like other franchise they keep on being revived in different formats like video games,cartoons, movies or television. But ,I felt like this is a bit too much and it made me wonder if the company like Warner bros should at least give a hiatus to the scooby doo franchise by not making any scooby doo product in about 5 or 10 years and then start all over again with a new scooby doo series similar to what happened with what's new scooby doo.

So Is it better that warner bros should skip the scooby doo franchise for at least few years?

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