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Oh boy, time to run another cool video into the ground.

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Because Keanu circlejerking in r/pics is not enough

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Sometimes I wonder if it isn't Keanu's HR people pushing this agenda.

I mean, don't get me wrong, the guy seems awesome by all accounts but the circlejerk around him is reaching insufferable levels on this website.

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lol why would you need PR* (i don't think you meant HR) people when people want to naturally circlejerk around whatever they want to idealize

also it's only insufferable if you spend all day on reddit; i seen a few posts here and there, but that's bout it

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when people want to naturally circlejerk around whatever they want to idealize

That's why I said, "I wonder.", not "I'm sure that"

i seen a few posts here and there

Nah, it's much more than "a few posts".

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    Eh, so much circlejerking around 1 celebrity just comes off as a bit cultish to me.

    Just my $0.02.

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    That's the entire point of celebrity.

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    a few posts here and there

    I'm here all day and this is all I've seen, too.

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    why did they make another sub? r/bwa is already pretty popular, i don't see a reason to make another sub for basically the same content.

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    It's not the same content, it's just general "laugh at stuff based on shitty stereotypes about women" where /r/badwomensanatomy is for people who don't understand anatomy specifically

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    That's what you'd think but BWA is used for both content in reality.

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    oh that makes more sense. thanks!

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    For people who don't know why r/mkbhd is trending:

    Because Marques tweeted a link to it a few days ago https://twitter.com/MKBHD/status/950416483225604096

    And then he also linked/shouted out the subreddit in his latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IqpbDJFbZA&

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    I suspect that there is a vanishingly small gap between people who already know why whatever that is is popular, and people who have no clue what the fuck an mkbhd or a Marques are in the first place. (With approximately everyone in the world being in the latter category.)

    If you're going to make a comment explaining some fad, I'm not sure why you would go halfway.

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    Sorry. Marques runs a YouTube channel about consumer electronics.

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    That's cool, I'm not the Reddit Police. I'm just always a little amused when people get wrapped up enough in their own perspective that they have a hard time remembering how far from it others are. Which I'm sure that I've done many times as well.

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    Yeah, you're right though. I shouldn't have assumed everyone would understand from that.

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    How is /r/CrazyIdeas not a default since day 1? With reddits audience it's exactly the kind of sub one would think to be an instant-hit.

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    defaults are no longer a thing now. you could argue the same about a lot of 500k+ subscriber subreddits.

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    Yeah, and I'm glad. I thought the idea of default subreddits was very bad.

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    Rational 'crazy' ideas are mixed in with ideas that people are only fucking kidding around about. Not the most useful place to get ideas from but fun.