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Oh boy, time to run another cool video into the ground.

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why did they make another sub? r/bwa is already pretty popular, i don't see a reason to make another sub for basically the same content.

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It's not the same content, it's just general "laugh at stuff based on shitty stereotypes about women" where /r/badwomensanatomy is for people who don't understand anatomy specifically

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That's what you'd think but BWA is used for both content in reality.

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oh that makes more sense. thanks!

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Because Keanu circlejerking in r/pics is not enough

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Sometimes I wonder if it isn't Keanu's HR people pushing this agenda.

I mean, don't get me wrong, the guy seems awesome by all accounts but the circlejerk around him is reaching insufferable levels on this website.

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lol why would you need PR* (i don't think you meant HR) people when people want to naturally circlejerk around whatever they want to idealize

also it's only insufferable if you spend all day on reddit; i seen a few posts here and there, but that's bout it

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when people want to naturally circlejerk around whatever they want to idealize

That's why I said, "I wonder.", not "I'm sure that"

i seen a few posts here and there

Nah, it's much more than "a few posts".

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    Eh, so much circlejerking around 1 celebrity just comes off as a bit cultish to me.

    Just my $0.02.

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    That's the entire point of celebrity.

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    a few posts here and there

    I'm here all day and this is all I've seen, too.

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    For people who don't know why r/mkbhd is trending:

    Because Marques tweeted a link to it a few days ago https://twitter.com/MKBHD/status/950416483225604096

    And then he also linked/shouted out the subreddit in his latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IqpbDJFbZA&

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    I suspect that there is a vanishingly small gap between people who already know why whatever that is is popular, and people who have no clue what the fuck an mkbhd or a Marques are in the first place. (With approximately everyone in the world being in the latter category.)

    If you're going to make a comment explaining some fad, I'm not sure why you would go halfway.

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    Sorry. Marques runs a YouTube channel about consumer electronics.

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    That's cool, I'm not the Reddit Police. I'm just always a little amused when people get wrapped up enough in their own perspective that they have a hard time remembering how far from it others are. Which I'm sure that I've done many times as well.

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    Yeah, you're right though. I shouldn't have assumed everyone would understand from that.

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    How is /r/CrazyIdeas not a default since day 1? With reddits audience it's exactly the kind of sub one would think to be an instant-hit.

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    defaults are no longer a thing now. you could argue the same about a lot of 500k+ subscriber subreddits.

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    Yeah, and I'm glad. I thought the idea of default subreddits was very bad.

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    The roasties just have to keep telling us it's genetic with a new subreddit every week because for some reason no-one believes them.

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    Nope, that's not it. You do realize at least half the people who laugh at you are guys who find it funny how little you know about women, right?

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    The really funny thing is that you laugh at us and then the women laugh at you for being betas and then go and have sex with men who have actual opinions and aren't feminist. It's just the circle of life I guess.

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    Rational 'crazy' ideas are mixed in with ideas that people are only fucking kidding around about. Not the most useful place to get ideas from but fun.