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Fishermang • 2 points •

A quick explanation of the technique for this image: it is a long exposure of 45 seconds. That is why the clouds are stretched out in the sky and in the reflection. The camera recorded the movement in one exposure. It is not difficult to do this, but you need three things: a camera that allows you to manually decide how long shutter speed you want to use (I use a function called Bulb on mine), a remote shutter button (either wireless or directly connected to the camera. This is not neccessary as you can do this by holding the shutter button for the whole time, but it is surprisingly tiring and you must make sure to not shake the camera by accident), and usually a ND filter which is placed in front of you lens. The filter is just a dark glass that reduces the amount of light that goes into your camera. Sort of like extremely dark sunglasses.

Oh, and a tripod. That is very important.

Anyway, this photo is from a lake called Storvatnet in Norway. We probably have around 50 lakes with the same name (we actually have two lakes called big penis water and small penis water, but i dont have any pictures of those). The area is Agdenes, located somewhere in the middle of Norway. There is ocean and more mountains behind the mountains in this pic. What you see in front is a big lake covered with ice and snow.

That's about it. I wanted to share the gloomy grim scenery which I am so fond of in Norway during winter times. Various Immortal tracks often come to mind. Let me know what you think about it? And if some of you would be curious to see more of this kind of scenery, feel free to check out my webpage for bigger resolution and detail or if you use a smartphone: instagram.


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Fishermang • 1 point •

When looking for projects to invest in, I like to see that the coin/token gets a use that raises its value over time, besides the market-speculation investor driven use. That's where BNTY raises questions: if it is primarily used as part of the background process, but the payment itself is done in any other crypto currency, why would one want to invest in BNTY? I mean the project looks amazing, but as with some other promising projects which have an actual use, I am struggling to find incentive to actually buy the token.

Fishermang commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Fishermang • 1 point •

I constantly am looking for new interesting projects. I keep coming over interesting adaptions of the technology. I would like to share some doubts about Origintrail. It looks pretty cool and I like what they are doing and how they are doing it, but in the end a doubt hit me: are there enough people who care? Taking the examples they present of adaption: tracking the ingredients in products to make sure they come from where they are supposed to come from. My question is: do we actually have enough people who care about this to need a project like this? I have met very few people in my life who care enough to buy ecological projects due to whatever reasons they have, and they seem to be a huge minority.

I also try to find projects that are more likely to find adaption. Social media is one. But I have yet to come over a project that doesn't state in its description that you will be able to earn money (meaning their currency) by posting, commenting and liking. That is a huge turn-off for me, and I don't think this will ever work. That goes against psychology of humans and in the end I don't think anyone is interested in monetizing being social.

To be honest I am struggling to find good less known projects out there. Either their front page states how much better they are than other projects (already a bad sign - you shouldn't need to use names of other projects to make yourself look better), or their news entirely consist of how much value their coin/token has, or they are monetizing something that today is a standard interaction. Remember that people want a simpler life. I believe that in the end very few actually would be interested to keep track of balances of x-coin based on whatever activity they do.

ZumbiC • 8 points •

Does 'decentralized' mean there can't be any third party involved?

For example, if I buy something online with NANO, what's going to help me if I receive a damaged product or the product never arrives at all?

Is having no intermediary really a good thing when it comes to online shopping?

Fishermang • 4 points •

I see it more like that it depends on the seller and also the online market you are shopping from. The market itself will always have ratings of sellers based on feedback (and i guess cryptotechnology will help make sure that the ratings are real?). Seeing a seller with a 98% score and tons of registered sales will work as a guarantee.

I also think this is never going to be free from third party entirely, as we will need them precisely for things like this. The online market has to be run by someone, right? It is just that the transaction handling will be cheaper and faster due to cryptocurrency used, hence the third party won't need to charge more either. I kind of see the online market you are buying from as a third party.

Unless you are buying privately, then it is the same rules as when you buy privately today.

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BeatingRats • 2 points •

Damn, just scrolling through new and saw this amazing view from the country I'm moving to in a few months!

Near which city I can find that place?

Fishermang • 2 points •

You are moving to Portugal? Awesome, I really liked the areas I saw. This place is not very far from Lisboa (1 hour drive or so).

I am going back there this summer to explore farther, the whole coast is amazing.

20peter06 • 1 point •

Unreal.I wish I had the time to go out and do this.

Fishermang • 1 point •

Make time! You won't regret it, I promise you :)

TheQuantumMind_ • 3 points •


Fishermang • 2 points •

Now if I only had enough skills to do digital drawings..!

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Fishermang commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
zClarkinator • -6 points •

it's extremely rare for anyone to mention this coin outside of a good news post. But suddenly there are hundreds of supporters coming out of nowhere. Doesn't look legitimate to me. Also I didn't say "all of its supporters", I said a number of posts here aren't legit. In a thread with this much exposure, the fact that there were maybe 2 detracting posts is fishy.

Fishermang • 3 points •

It's a stupid game where you can't trust anyone anymore. As far as we know any negative comments might be advocates to bring the price down so they can buy it cheap. Just go and read their blogs, whitepaper and mod posts online, and make up your own mind.

Fishermang commented on a post in r/altcoin
MeteoriteMerman • 4 points •

OST Parters With Unsplash: Largest mass market consumer web-service Blockchain tokenization project ever announced.

Over 5 billion photo views per month will be tokenized.

Fishermang • 3 points •

This is just weird and I would be very skeptical of this, because the article states a bunch of stats that don't make sense. A photo viewed on Unsplash is viewed more than on Instagram? Of course it would be, because Unsplash has insanely fewer images than Instagram does. Instagram has 95 millions of photos uploaded each day. It is the users you have to count, not the views.

Fishermang commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Fishermang • 10 points •

Some thoughts, like a sceptical diary.

I really enjoy the technology and the ideas behind it and I love to explore all the different ideas that people and companies come up with. I am easily motivated and can get enthusiastic real quick, but at the same time I do get a feeling that I need to do more research after the initial enthusiasm does down a bit.

Lately I have been thinking on a more meta level so to speak. Some of the projects I have come to discover seemed to have absolutely stunning ideas, partnerships in place and lots of registered users on a product that already exists. I then decided to try out some of the products and that is where my scepticism grew. I am a photographer and I naturally have many interests that the technology can bring: different and new ways of spreading content, copyright protection, file back up and storage. I tried some of the systems and it is pretty damn unavailable. How can I for example want to invest in a social media sharing platform which when you look through the comments is worse than any other already existing platform we have today? Social media is ridden by bots and users who interact with others purely because they want to generate traffic to their own content? This becomes so much worse when this specifically becomes about earning money through upvoting and liking shit.

What about file storage? To be able to store my files online I have to install something I don't entirely understand what is on my hard drive and seemingly adopt a currency?

Copyright protection? Looking through the main page of a project that addresses this, this should clearly make it understandable of how it will work? I mean most people have no idea how the technology works, and those who say they do still actually don't really understand how it works. I think it creates a barrier for a lot of users. People are naturally afraid of what they don't know or don't understand.

Which brings me to the last and main doubt that I have: with so many different projects out there and each and every one of them having their own coin or token to support the technology itself - to a new user it seems like a jungle. Every product comes with a new token or coin associated with it. Doesn't it complicate things and make them really alien to a new user who is not familiar with it to begin with?

highwater • 1 point •

I am a photographer and I naturally have many interests that the technology can bring: different and new ways of spreading content, copyright protection, file back up and storage.

How are you feeling about the (maybe) forthcoming KodakONE system?

Fishermang • 1 point •

Super sceptical, it doesn't really specify anything of what it will do other than general descriptions. The first news you see when looking at their page is all economy-related, seemingly to attract more money. I couldn't find the white paper anywhere. I also am skeptical to it because it is going to use its own token.

Also really risky because it apparently is a company that has been going under for a long time, so it seems like it is an attempt to get back into the game. But the attempt has just general descriptions that just sound fancy, there is nothing there to set it apart and make you believe in it. I think it is a very risky project to support, a risky gamble. Also very important is that it is not Kodak, but a third-party doing the project, they just gave them the name.

One thing it has going for it though is the name. Crypto is a very "nerdy" thing, the masses associate it with bitcoin and crime. A name like Kodak that has been around for all eternity would get a good ride on its familiarity-concept, meaning that people would feel safer using it purely because it is not something entirely fresh and new like so many other coins are.

I think it is a weird puzzle, but there is nothing out there to tempt me as a photographer. But on the other hand I don't earn money as a photographer either, I do nature and landscapes and those don't sell at all. A wedding/interior/model photographer's input on the system would be interesting to hear.

Fishermang commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Sethodine • 13 points •

A quick-and-dirty ELI5 goes something like this:

Bitcoin gains value based solely on speculation. But POE gains value because it represents digital creative assets. The percieved value of those assets gives the POE coin value independent of the speculation market.

POE is used within the digital asset marketplace to add economic incentive for people to perform certain curation and moderation activities. These activities are stuctured in such a way, that people will have the most to gain by curating the market in a way that adds value.

You have to purchase POE in order to use it, similar to the "premium currency" in a videogame with microtransactions. But because it is a crypto, it can be securely traded on an exchange for other crypto assets or for fiat. This is necessary for the aforementioned economic incentives to actually work.

It's really hard to compress an explination more than that, but the key point to keep in mind is this: people's photos, writings, or other works have value, and that value is what drives the value of POE.

Will it work? I couldn't say. But I am hodling some POE.

Fishermang • 1 point •

Hey, I would like to ask another question about the POE itself. I am a photographer and this naturally got me curious - how does it work practically? Say I upload a photo on earthporn on reddit and I want to protect it from getting stolen and used as backgrounds on websites or wallpaper sites for sale. How does POE come into play here?

Sethodine • 2 points •

What you would do is, you upload the photo to a "marketplace". It costs POE to do this. But once you do, the universal ledger is used to indelibly mark you as the content creator, in a way that would be easy for you to prove and very difficult for someone else to challenge.

It is possible that your content could be kicked out of the marketplace you submit it to (say, if the theme for the marketplace didn't match your submission), but the ledger will still have noted you as the first originator of the content.

If you upload a picture to Earthporn, there is no way you can stop it from being copied. But using the blockchain, you can still conclusively prove that it is yours if somebody tries to sell prints.

Better yet, if someone subsequently tries to submit your picture to a marketplace, their system will flag it, and give you the POE that they paid to submit it.

Fishermang • 1 point •

thanks for explanation.

I do feel sceptical about this, and it may be due to my lack of knowledge about the system: But if it requires me to use and pay POE to register a photo with the universal ledger - in a bigger context where I for example am doing my monthly economy balance - I would realize that I am paying for something without knowing if it actually will pay off. It sort of reminds me of photography competitions where you have to pay a price to enter it - you don't actually know if you will gain anything from the entry. Unless the POE amount paid is really really small?

I guess I am as you tempted to HODL POE, if only because its use relates to my passion in "real life". But after trying to comprehend it and with your explanation, I kind of fail to see an actual practical use for it seen from a customer's viewpoint.

BaldLife • 1 point •

I'm a nobody really (Anti Everything), but I saw a familiar username and remembered that you did some photography, so I thought maybe, and got hit with a nostalgia bomb.

Fishermang • 1 point •

I remember Anti Everything! Man, the world is really small sometimes even on internet :O

BaldLife • 1 point •

It sure is! If anything, the internet is what makes it small.

Glad to see you've stuck with photography, this is a very good picture, and so are the ones on your website. Veldig stemningsfulle, som det heter!

Fishermang • 1 point •

haha thanks man! :D I picked it up 1,5 years ago after I finally found a way to learn processing and development, now it is become a way of life almost, at the very least it takes me to some insanely awesome places!

Do you still post on MR? I have a look from time to time but it seems to have grown really silent.

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Fishermang commented on a post in r/EarthPorn
codeByNumber • 7 points •

Preach! I don’t know why this is such a big pet peeve of mine but it is. I read “unedited” and I hear “I don’t know how to process my photos.”

I guess it irritates me so much because most of the time it is done with the connotation that letting the camera make editing decisions for you is somehow more skillful than doing it yourself.

Fishermang • 4 points •

I think people believe that it means that the photo taken this way is the closest to the reality they experienced

codeByNumber • 1 point •

Agreed. Some great photos in your post history! Do you have an Instagram i can follow? I’m @adamsarasinphotography (I don’t post to Reddit often)

Fishermang • 1 point •

Thanks, I have been trying out lots of different social media sites to share photography and to be honest earthporn subreddit is the one that gives the best comments, always pretty honest. So very happy to have found it!

I do as well post most of my stuff on instagram: (

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DefNotJRossiter • 4 points •

Throw three guys in corpse paint, leather, metal studs and spikes in there and you have yourself a black metal album cover.

Fishermang • 1 point •

All Immortal joking aside, that is actually a really cool thought. I wonder if these bleak landscapes by themselves influenced all that music, you know?

DefNotJRossiter • 1 point •

I think it’s very possible. Also, some very mystical woods in that country from what I hear.

Fishermang • 1 point •

Yeah, a lot of them. All you need is twilight and any scenery grows dark and atmospheric.

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fenr1rs • 1 point •

this is awesome! wonderful composition and colors

Fishermang • 1 point •

thanks mate!

Jinxtrr • 1 point •


This is the type of place where I could just sit and sip on a bottle of scotch and be in heaven.

Fishermang • 1 point •

Exactly. I forgot to bring whiskey but coffee was a good substitute.

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AtomicBattleHamster • 1 point •

Sad beach is sad

Fishermang • 1 point •

haha that invites a bit of digital graphitti

momerg • 2 points •

Welcoming the tide of the Atlantic in Moncton New-Brunswick Canada.

Fishermang • 2 points •

nice one! Lots of power in those streams

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