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Florienb commented on a post in r/Romania
Florienb • 2 points •

Eu am invatat de la 0 din automate the boring stuff with python. Cea mai buna carte hands down. Fa.o cap coada, daca nu ma crezi intra pe r/learnpython si citeste parerile. Ai si un sticky acolo cu miltw resurse

Florienb commented on a post in r/playstation
jaytomten • 8 points •

Physical copies can be had for less, on almost every game.

Florienb • 4 points •

And i do not understand why. It ahould be the other way around. The hard copies can be traded traded back or sold. Digital purchaseses are yours for life bound to the account..

Florienb commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
TheRealOneTwo • 6 points •

Shitty attempt at trolling. Game has been out for 9 months, not years and it was only $30. 9 fucking months for a game that is fun to play. Most games take a bit longer than that to go from alpha to release

Florienb • -3 points •

“Only” 30 dollars for a piece of shit that shouldn’t be out until beta at most from a “dev” with no prior game dev experience whatsoever. Because of those like you who support this shit behavior from devs, companies like EA are putting a price tag on all addons, items, unlocks and so on.

Aryk93 • 3 points •

Oh. So you're one of 'those' whiny asses.

Florienb • -5 points •

All i am giving are valid arguments to make my point and this is what you come up kid? I bet yomamma pays for all your games..

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Florienb commented on a post in r/jaxx
wilk007 • 2 points •

Well said

Florienb • 2 points •

Gtfo asshole. Tried converting 83$ worth of LTC to ETH. Its 6 fucking dollars fee. .01 eth mining fee. In what universe is it that expensive?

Florienb • 3 points •

What about shapeshfit though. Try and swap 500$ worth of btc to eth. It allows only 280$ worth wtf.

Florienb commented on a post in r/teslamotors
Florienb • 5 points •

We in romania also have around 11k eur incentives for electric cars bought from dealerships in the country but no fucking tesla dealerships yet... wtfh. I wanna buy a tesla soo bad

Florienb • 0 points •

Norvegians ar fuckin rich.

Florienb commented on a post in r/learnpython
slate • 93 points •

Your school has some truth. Learning lower level languages help you to grasp the layers of complexity involved in programming.

You can grasp nearly all aspects of programming using C++. You cannot do that with python.

On a real life project we choose the best tool for the job. If we choose C++ when python is enough, then we most likely end up losing money. Just like that.

If you cannot understand an algo because of C++'s verbosity, then you will not understand it in python either. Having to reimplement the same algo in different languages over and over is not a burden but an advantage to learning.

Florienb • 9 points •

What cant u grasp in python? Memory pointers i guess.. but python is a high level programming language and has all aspects of all other high level languages such as low layered functions to OOP, working with nearly all types of data objects and so on

Florienb commented on a post in r/Romania
Bizolol • 3 points •

Mass Effect toate 4, Fallout 4, Wolfenstein The New Collosus si ocazional CnC3 Kane's Wrath

Florienb • 2 points •

ME:A a big pile of dog shit. am avut preorder la el, l`am dat in saptamana a 2a

thenamelessjohn • 2 points •

Elex. De la Piranha Bytes, nemtii care au facut seria Gothic.

Daca vreti atmosfera de Gothic si puteti trece peste combat problems e nemaipomenit!

Florienb • 1 point •


dafaq. arme si sabii.. nu prea arata a gothic deloc

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