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Supertoaster9I commented on a post in r/LINKTrader
Supertoaster9I • 1 point •

No way she does understand why Link will revolutionize crypto. I mean look at her previous posts. XVG... wtf. She is clearly getting paid oder just wants to pump and dump coins.

chainlink666 • 21 points •

was sergey again couchsurfing?

Supertoaster9I • 5 points •


alisj99 • 3 points •

maybe he copy and pasted?

Supertoaster9I • 1 point •

+1 point

MoistStallion • 11 points •

What is ledger research

Supertoaster9I • 6 points •

Ledger Research is an independent research house for digital asset investments, providing independent research and analysis of both upcoming initial coin offerings (ICOs) and existing digital assets available on the market. Our analysis has a highly commercial focus, and focuses on assessing the commercial viability of the cryptocurrency concept and the value proposition of the underlying token itself.

Supertoaster9I commented on a post in r/Quantstamp
gregorycrypto • 0 points •

I meant that I accumulated last Saturday ...;) It was a reply to "groovyluke". Whoever came in at $ 0.942 can not complain about "Gregory". I accumulate all the time, because I know what the price will be in 2018;)

Supertoaster9I • 3 points •

oh dude you remind of a friend that also is a big mouth like you. People like you are bad for good coins like quantstamp. GTFO poor Fag

Supertoaster9I commented on a post in r/RequestNetwork
[deleted] • 6 points •


Supertoaster9I • 3 points •

reminds me of my school days " Really Miss Simpson i did my homework but i really cant find it anymore.... please believe me" And i actually did them but she did not believe me.

Supertoaster9I commented on a post in r/RequestNetwork
thomasmanners285 • 3 points •

I've been holding in 5 altcoins, but wondering about dropping one, converting it into REQ, are you holding any other coins? I'm holding REQ, Modum, Chainlink, IOTA and ARK, they all seem like strong coins though, would be difficult to decide on the weakest link..

Supertoaster9I • 1 point •

You are holding great coins. Ark for my opinion already kind of mooned. IOTA also.... its your decision.

Supertoaster9I commented on a post in r/LINKTrader
tosadtotell • 7 points •

CHAINLINK will do wonders partnering with REQUEST NETWORK :))

Supertoaster9I • 6 points •

can you further explain why? API implementation?

Its funny because i hold exactly 2 tokens. Link and Req.

tosadtotell • 3 points •

yes i read this in their recent AMA on medium. check it out:

What is the status on the oracle question? Is Request Network going to be using a decentralized oracle network like ChainLink or a centralized one like Oraclize? Is there any reason why Request wouldn’t go with decentralized oracles? Oracle security is really important. At the moment ChainLink decentralized oracles seem like a good solution. We are in regular contact with them.

Supertoaster9I • 4 points •


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