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andrewKode commented on a post in r/Romania
andrewKode • 12 points •

Are cineva idee dacă astăzi, (luni 21 mai), mai este cineva pe acolo? Că aș vrea să merg și eu să semnez.

everydamnmonth • 11 points •

Nu au cort permanent langa magazinul Bega?

Edit: daca nu-i gasesti, poti sa tiparesti formularul online, sa-l semnezi si sa iei legatura cu USR Timis pe fb.

andrewKode • 1 point •

I have no idea but I will check.

andrewKode commented on a post in r/Python
ReverseEngineered • 69 points •

My employer uses Qt through PySide and it's great.

  • Qt is cross-platform
  • Qt is very powerful with basically everything you could ever think of in a toolkit (and a bunch more stuff you'll never use)
  • PySide provides convenient, reliable interfaces to Qt within Python.

There's also wxWidgets, which is fine too. Not quite as fancy, but quite capable.

A more recent toolkit is kivy. I don't know as much about it, but I do know that it's quite capable. If you are having to learn a toolkit either way, it's worth considering.

Depending on your experience and intended platforms, you may prefer other language/framework combinations. C# with WPF is excellent on Windows. I'm not sure what is used on OS X. Android and iOS each have their own standard languages and frameworks. So it depends on what you want to use it for.

What do you mean by "fast and efficient"? Python and Qt can handle user interactions in real-time, even with hundreds of controls. Updates are smooth. Is that what you mean?

Generally speaking, a cross-platform toolkit and a cross-platform language can get you into most places, and both Qt and Python fit that bill. I think it's a fine place to start. I have used that combination on several commercial ventures in the past.

andrewKode • 2 points •

Is Qt free to use?

andrewKode commented on a post in r/Romania
andrewKode • 1 point •

Salut. Vreau să-mi cumpăr un laptop ce ar putea ajunge pe la 6000 lei. Vreau să îl folosesc exclusiv pentru lucru, development etc. Momentan nu am banii necesari așa că m-am gândit să îl iau în rate. Probabil o rată de 500 pe lună ar fi ok. Veniturile mele lunare vin la BT. Care ar fi cea mai bună soluție în acest caz?

4ad • 6 points •

Dacă n-ai bani de laptop atunci nu-ți permiți laptop. Nu lua laptop în rate.

andrewKode • 1 point •

Zici bine, rămân cu ce am și poate fac ceva bănuți din munca depusă pe ăsta și abia atunci îmi iau ceva nou și mai bun.

andrewKode commented on a post in r/linux4noobs
andrewKode • -1 points •

Just don't get a laptop with hybrid graphics, or if you do then make sure you can disable the dedicated GPU from the BIOS. Linux can't handle dual graphics like Windows can and you will end up having a laptop using two GPUs at the same time and will burn. That or you can use bumblebee.

MicrosoftFuckedUp • 3 points •

Linux can handle dual graphics just fine, it's nvidia who refuse to contribute to the Mesa stack and use their own proprietary one who can't handle dual graphics on Linux. But I do agree, getting an optimus laptop is pain.

andrewKode • 1 point •

I am using one right now and it's so annoying having it hot all the time. Next laptop I'm going to buy it's gonna have only an integrated graphics card. No more nVidia cards in my laptops.

andrewKode commented on a post in r/robyte
andrewKode • 2 points •

Xubuntu 18.04 LTS Îmi place foarte mult XFCE, îi foarte simplu și încă păstrează noțiunea de desktop UI. Nu înțeleg de ce a ajuns Gnome acum by default pe Ubuntu, mie nu-mi place deloc. Ubuntu, după părerea mea, este un OS îndreptat mai mult spre developeri, spre oameni care vor să producă ceva și au nevoie de stabilitate. De ce ai vrea elemente de touchscreen aici? Doar nu scriem codul cu degetele pe ecran... Windows a dat-o în bară începând cu 8 acum Ubuntu cu 18.04 integrând Gnome în main.

c-1000 • 1 point •

I know you already marked the thread as [solved] but if you (or anyone) wants to know the way to actually fix it:

Go to your ~/.config/gtk-3.0 directory, and look for a file named gtk.css -- you might need to create this if it doesn't exist (just create a new text file and name it gtk.css).

Add the following:, undershoot.right, undershoot.bottom, undershoot.left { background-image: none; }  

Save the file, log out and back in, and you should be good to go!

andrewKode • 1 point •

I've actually tried that and it didn't work. I had to create that file.

Eingaica • 2 points •

Gtk draws these to indicate that you can scroll in that direction to view more content (e.g. lines in a text editor, files in a file manager, etc.). It might be possible to use theming to hide these, but I don't know for sure.

andrewKode • 1 point •

Oh so this is a feature, not a bug. Didn't know that. And it is true, changing the theme (to Numix in my cases) removes them. Thank you!

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andrewKode commented on a post in r/Romania
andrewKode • 1 point •

Oricât de mult îi detest pe ăștia doi tot nu am cum să spun că sunt proști. Dacă erau proști nu erau acolo unde sunt acum, au știut să manipuleze și să profite de slăbiciunile altora.

andrewKode commented on a post in r/Ubuntu
ChoiceD • 22 points •

Well, the GNOME developers designed it, so it must be what we need and it must be the right way to do it. We all just need to change the way we use the UI. Isn't that the GNOME way of thinking?

andrewKode • 2 points •

I don't like the way you're thinking this situation.

andrewKode commented on a post in r/Romania
andrewKode • 1 point •

Am tot văzut video-uri cu oameni izolați prin munți, cred că "Izolați în România" se numește, pe canalul TVR. Dacă aș avea 10.000 euro, aș cumpăra niște alimente și medicamente și m-aș duce personal, (că și așa îmi plac drumețiile la munte), să le dau lor. Nu înțeleg cum au copii și nu îi ajută cu nimic, ei când văd un străin se bucură enorm.

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