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thecurator_ • 49 points •

Breath of the Wild ‘ esque


Breath of the Wild aesthetic.

Love it, I would take pleasure in paying for this artwork & in framing it up at home.

blunexus • 17 points •

Here's the artist's Artstation if you want to see more of her stuff :)

blunexus • 12 points •
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blunexus commented on a post in r/askscience
blunexus • 1 point •

Hi, thanks so much for doing this AMA! Looking at the current state of the genetic engineering field, can you give a time estimate as to when policy regarding commercialized genetic engineering will start being discussed? What advice would you give to a current college freshman interested in being involved in that discussion?

blunexus commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
[deleted] • 585 points •

At least people waited until college before asking you for kelloggs brand cereals. Also, never loan family Froot Loops. If they need a nutritious breakfast, just give it to them without strings attached. Otherwise you're going to be pretty unhappy when they start eating General Mills. Plus, if someone needs Froot Loops you should just try to help them anyways because its the nice thing to do. (Within reason)

blunexus • 3 points •

Nice try, friendcount0's mom.

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